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Yellowjackets Season 2: Release Date (TV Show)

The high school women’s soccer team wins another championship and qualifies for the state cup tournament. It was decided to fly in a private jet, which eventually crashed far from civilization. While they were looking for survivors, the participants of the trip managed to become the worst enemies and saw something that none of them would ever want to tell…

“Yellowjackets ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the TV show “Yellowjackets” has not been officially announced, but fans have not stopped waiting. Since the picture has very high ratings, there is a chance of seeing season 2. If this happens, then no earlier than November 2022. We continue to follow the news.


Shauna and Jackie are best friends. And even though they differ in their attitude to life, they are brought together by the game in the school soccer team “Yellowjackets”, which includes other girls. Devout Allie, the lover of the dubious high Natalie, the newcomer Misty, the self-confident Taissa, the friendly Van, as well as their coach Ben Scott – all of them are going to go on an exciting journey to another city for the tournament.

Before the trip, a conflict arose between Shauna and Taissa. The new set included a first-year girl who was more interested in the prom than the upcoming match. Wanting to win at any cost, Taissa seriously wounded the girl, forcing her to no longer appear on the field. Shauna was angry and got into a fight with Taissa. Jackie, being the captain, was able to influence their relationship.

The father of one of the soccer players orders a private jet so that the teenagers and their escorts fly in comfort. At some point, they start dispensing drinks and many lose consciousness. Shauna woke up shortly before hitting the ground and tried with all her might to wake up Jackie sleeping next to her. The plane crashed, while still giving some passengers the opportunity to get out of it alive.


Frame from the TV showIn parallel with these events, the series shows the lives of survivors many years later. Shauna is a housewife who lacks thrills. Taissa works for the government, lives with her partner and has a child. Misty works in a hospice caring for the sick. Natalie attends anonymous meetings in which she speaks in blurry, incomprehensible speeches.

But circumstances appear that force the girls to meet again and even discuss what happened outside the reach of civilization. Then, finding themselves in an uninhabited place, they had to survive by all available means. They agreed never to mention those events, but the current circumstances are different…

Actors and their roles

  • Jackie — a charming, calm girl; can at any time resolve conflicts that flare up between the hot-tempered members of her team, therefore she was appointed captain; is friends with Shauna; is dating a guy; leads a normal teenage life — Ella Purnell.
  • Shauna — a lively, aggressive team member; loves her hobby; fair to people, so she was unhappy with Taissa’s act, which entailed a serious injury; apathetic in adulthood, she spends her days aimlessly sitting at home and talking to the TV — Melanie Lynskey/Sophie Nélisse.
  • Misty — a pretty girl, but only at first glance; in her youth she drowned rats in the pool; after the crash, the girls saw her true appearance; becoming an adult, she intimidated old people from the hospice with violence and often carried out threats, taking away morphine from them, which relieves pain — Christina Ricci/Sammi Hanratty.
  • Natalie — an outcast everywhere, but the team treated her well; drinks, smokes, uses drugs; she is only friends with guys, some openly laugh at her; becoming an adult, she decided to give life a purpose and went to kill Misty — Juliette Lewis/Sophie Thatcher.
  • Taissa — wanted to incapacitate a new participant, but did not calculate the strength and pushed the girl so that she earned an open fracture; regrets what happened; becoming an adult, strives for power; reluctantly meets Shona; tries not to stir up the events of old years — Tawny Cypress/Jasmin Savoy Brown.

Interesting Facts

  1. The TV series is called “Yellowjackets” because the players were part of the team of the same name.
  2. Many of the behind-the-scenes work of the Yellowjackets project have previously worked on the crime thriller “Narcos” or “Narcos: Mexico“, which dealt with the most influential drug lord in the history of mankind.
  3. Each episode of Season 1 was watched by over 4 million people. The main audience consisted of adolescents from 14 to 18 years old, and mostly girls.
  4. The first viewers of the series were film critics, who watched 6 episodes. Their ratings were very high, despite the fact that at first the storyline seems complex and even monotonous due to the large number of confused memories. However, everything changes in subsequent episodes. Also, critics noted the mixing of various genres, although the declared genre of the picture is a thriller. This fact only makes the TV show different from other projects.

Yellowjackets Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2×01Series 1not announced
2×02Series 2not announced
2×03Series 3not announced
2×04Series 4not announced
2×05Series 5not announced
2×06Series 6not announced
2×07Series 7not announced
2×08Series 8not announced
2×09Series 9not announced
2×10Series 10not announced

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