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Why Did Rachel Betray Bam?

Korean Manhwas were colossal game-changers in the entertainment industry. After the Korean wave, their reputation has spiked overnight. With the addition of fantastic manhwas like Bastard, Tower of God, and Solo Leveling, even the manga industry is facing a turmoil. Tower of God alone has collected 4.5 billion readership views worldwide. Naturally, a manhwa with this potential would inspire many adaptations. The Tower of God anime has made its way to the top. The unexpected plot twists and the bright animation helped it gain hundreds and thousands of fans. 

Tower of God anime is based on S.I.U’s manhwa of the same name. It made its debut on Naver Webtoon in 2010. The immense popularity of the webtoon made it the first manhwa to get an English translation. In addition, the series also got its own RPG game in 2013. The anime adaptation launched in 2020 and ran for thirteen episodes. However, the unexpected ending of the series has broken many fans’ hearts. Even after a long halt, fans are still pondering on why Rachel betrayed Bam. Thus, this question is the pivot of this article. Keep scrolling for a detailed look at the ending of Tower of God.

Tower Of God

Tower of God Ending: Why Did Rachel Betray Bam?

Anyone who has watched the anime would know how much Bam loved Rachel. The only reason for Bam to come to the tower was Rachel. However, in the final episode, Rachel was revealed as the season’s villain. To understand why Rachel betrayed Bam, we have to look back at her story and journey. It was always Rachel’s dream to climb the tower. So, when she finally interacts with Headon, the tower’s caretaker, Rachel gets crushed and heartbroken.

Sensing Rachel’s selfishness and weakness, Headon denies her entry. He tells her that she is not fit for the tower. So, when she listens to Headon calling Bam a savior, her jealousy begins to take over. Headon gives her a second chance to redeem herself. He asks her to kill Bam, only then will he allow her to climb the tower. Thus, in Episode 13, Rachel goes ahead with Headon’s secret mission. Thus, she pushes Bam down the building so that she can achieve her dream.

Tower Of God

Will Rachel Be Accepted?

It is a known fact that Bam loved Rachel. He wanted her to climb the tower as much as she did. So, when Rachel meets the rest of the regulars, she tells them that he didn’t make it to the top. She lies to them that Bam couldn’t win against the bull. As they all believed her word, the news depresses them all. Even when Lero-Ro informs them that they passed, they showed no sign of happiness at all. 

However, Khun remains suspicious of Rachel and tells her he wished he could meet Bam for one last time. Now that Bam is out of her way. Rachel can manipulate their friends and make it a revenge mission for her to climb the tower. Thus, the rest of the team agrees to help Rachel, to honor Bam’s final wish. In conclusion, until the truth comes out, Rachel will continue to have the regulars’ support.  

Tower Of God

What Will Happen To Bam?

Now that Rachel’s intentions have been unveiled. She will have to hurry up before getting caught in her own game. But what will happen to Bam? Will he come back? Being the protagonist of the story, their is a high chance the Bam would return in the second season. Moreover, towards the end of the pilot season, we see Hwaryan, the one-eyed assassin approach Bam. The boy is floating in a shinshu bubble when the assassin reveals her true intentions. 

It is revealed that Hwaryan is, in fact, a guide. Which is how she moves from the crown game floor to the shinshu pool. She offers to help Bam and tells him of his role. She motivates him to keep climbing as he plays a more significant role than Rachel. In addition, she offers him to train and guide him to reach the top. Bam, who is still in shock from Rachel’s betrayal, accepts the offer. Thus, Bam’s new motivation to climb the tower is to seek answers. 

Tower Of God

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The Tower of God is a bite-sized anime with a unique storyline. The anime stands out from the rest due to its unexpected plot and fresh character designs. In addition, the show doesn’t leave loopholes and ties every loose end by the end. Even the biggest reveal of the show though unexpected, was logical. While the story ends, though the fans hate Rachel, they know she has no other choice. Tower of God is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Aniplex. For news on Tower of God Season 2, keep checking The Anime Daily website.


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