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White Vs. Baam Final Round! Release Date

Tower of God Manhwa is possibly the most unpredictable story of all time. The story that began as simple gameplay has now become a complex web of fights and battles. In the previous chapter of this Korean manga, Baam challenged White to face him with all his powers. But White was cautious before doing something impulsive. In Tower Of God Chapter 517, the victor of this match will be announced. Who is it going to be? Here is all you need to know before reading the chapter.

In the upcoming storyline, fans can expect to see the continuation of the match between Baam and White. The latter is aware that he does not stand a chance against a fighter like Baam. Thus, this will be a battle of wits more than might. White will have to come up with a strategy to overtake his opponent before landing any blind attacks.

Tower Of God Chapter 517

Tower Of God Chapter 517: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of Tower of God has some intense fights lined up for the readers. The chapter will begin at Khun’s place. The boss rat would not be able to get his wrath out. This is because Asensio had arrived to save his younger brother. Now, the rat boss is the one who is in grave danger. This will commence into an epic battle royal. The boss rat will come face to face with the Khun brothers.

On the other hand, fans can expect to see more from the battle between Baam and White. The latter was not able to find an opening while fighting the tough instincts of Baam. Thus, White will have to level up his game if he wishes to stay in the match. It is most likely that he will receive help in the next round. He was saved by his acquaintances in the past as well. Thus, there is a higher possibility of this in Tower Of God Chapter 517 as well.

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Tower Of God Chapter 517

Previous Chapter Recap!

In last week’s chapter of Tower of God, Baam broke the dam of his powers. He used the Black Orb to unlock his entire potential. The Black Shinshu covered the entire ceiling with a black cloud of the orb. White was standing below, watching it all in shock. When the entire arena was turned into a dark tunnel, Baam conjured a spear and attacked White. The attack was so strong that White could not even glance at the spear.

White tried to dodge the attack, but the spear pierced his armor. At this point, White confessed that he was no competition for Baam. On the other hand, Khun continued to struggle with the mouse. He was also trying to save himself from the red devil before he could catch him. The final scene of the chapter cuts back to White’s situation where he is struggling to save his life.

Tower Of God Chapter 517

Tower Of God Chapter 517: Release Date

The next chapter of Tower of God has the potential to be an exciting outing. White is still stuck in a life-and-death situation. Is there a way he can save himself? Tower Of God Chapter 517 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 14, 2021. The chapter will be available on the official website of Webtoon and Kaminotou. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.