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Tower Of God Chapter 519: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Tower Of-God Chapter 519 reveals the mystery behind Ha Jinsung’s sealing, with Evankhell getting surprised that he must attend to something when he arrives. Sicarius calls out Evankhell’s name, and Evankhell reveals that she saved someone’s life. Tower-Of God has been revealing Ha Jinsung’s sealing after Bam, and the team gets orders to bring that thing. From Tower Of-God’s latest chapter, Love calls Evankhell of hell and the infamous ruler of the test floor.

Sicarius realizes that facing a high ranker is a complicated situation. Evankhell made her move, and Sicarius decided to buy some time and use a Special Skill: Mesh Net. Evankhell wonders if those nets are spider webs and notice that they are flammable. She thinks that Scarius uses traits to stop his fire attacks, which makes her think of her bad memories. Evankhell decides to burn Scarius to death; Sicarius notices that the fire is coming and realizes that he cannot do anything. Love realizes that the fire will affect him and tells Evankhell to wait since she will burn him to death.

Evankhell gets excited when she sees a Gate and realizes that she didn’t see that gate when she arives since she was too busy dealing with that guy. She also saw floating capsules and thought that it was too many for a single warp. Sicarius is glad that the backup from the main force has arrived, which may turn the tables. Evankhell tells him that they have sent weak soldiers and will burn them, but she is worried that they will keep appearing. She decided to block the gate and noticed that it had become more significant than the other capsules.

Previously on Tower Of-God Chapter 518

Whitegarment talks with Sicarius, asking him where he is and in danger; Sicarius realizes that his mother is here, and Whitegarment admits that. She is the Branch Head High Ranker of Lo Po Bia, and Evankhell wonders why Scarius is calling her mom. Love thinks that she looks scary and fits to be more like a dad. Meanwhile, inside the teleporting ship, the Branch Head received a message that they had captured the regulars with the sealing ship carrying Ha Jinsung, and they were making their move.

Tower Of God Chapter 517

Tower Of God

Orari told them that he was on his way and realized that they were left with a few tasks to complete, and he told his father that it was time to go. Yorari agrees, and they advance; Lo Po Bia Orari and Lo Po Bia Yorari are the Branch Head candidate and Branch Head of the Lo Po Bia family. Later, they receive the message that the sealing ship will arrive soon and open the dock. Yorari notices that and reveals that it is here. They must move without wasting time since the princess has captured the irregular.

They realize that the irregular will accept their offer if they seal Ha Jinsung away. Orari agrees with what his father is saying and suggests getting ready for the sealing teleporter. They activate the sealing teleporter, while on the other side, Asensio wonders if they will make it. Orari receives a call from the army of the Zahard revealing that there is someone in the sealing ship other than Ha Jinsung. They believe that there is a traitor and decide to stop the teleportation. Orari tells them to wait, and the soldier reveals that they are falling to stop the teleporter.

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Tower Of God-Chapter 519 Release Date

Tower Of-God-Chapter 519 will be released on 28 November 2021. Orari realizes that he failed to check something and confirms that they are irregular. At the ship of the Head of the Lo Po Bia family, the Family Head reveals that their squadrons have crossed over to the nest. The Family decided to continue with the sealing since they had captured the irregular inside the teleporter ship. Let’s look at Tower Of-God-Chapter 519 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 519

Tower Of God

Read Tower Of God-Chapter 519 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower-Of-God Chapter 519 online on various websites. Tower Of-God sometimes releases its latest spoilers and updates after the latest is released. We have no official website to access the chapter of Tower-Of God. Tower Of God Chapter 519 spoiler will release this weekend. The SIU Message congratulates the students who took the Korean SAT and wishes them a bright future. Let’s meet when Tower Of God-Chapter 519 is released.

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