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Top One Piece Battles That You Need To Revisit Today

Top 10 One Piece Battles: One Piece is one of the longest-running manga of all time. The text has sold over 490 million copies. Thus, making it the best-selling manga of all time. The shonen series gave the fans many nail-biting fights over the years. Spanning over a thousand volumes, it has no shortage of action. The manga centers around Monkey D Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates. The story follows the rubbery captain and his desire to become the next King of Pirates.

Over the years, One Piece has provided many epic fights. But some remain imprinted in the hearts of the fans. This list concerns all those fights that have taken a place in our memories. Thus, here are the top 10 epic battles from One Piece.

Zoro VS Kaku

First fight on the list of top 10 battles from One Piece is between Zoro and Kaku. While fighting against CP9 members, Zoro goes head to head with Kaku. Kaku is the second dangerous member of the CP9. His ‘nose pistol’ and knowledge in martial arts make him a powerful opponent. While Luffy is fighting Lucci, Zoro takes on Kaku. The fight is equally hilarious and action-packed. Making it one of the iconic scenes of the franchise.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

Sanji VS Jabra

Next on the list is the fight between Sanji and Jabra. Another fight from the Enies Lobby Arc which is remembered for awakening Sanji’s devil leg. After losing to Kalifa, Sanji takes on Jabra to save Usopp. Jabra had wolf-like properties that increased his physical powers. But despite all that power, he gets beaten by Sanji and his abilities. Out of action for most of the show, Sanji finally shines against Jabra. During the brawl, Sanji awakens the power of his Devil’s leg.

Sanji VS Jabra

Whitebeard VS Akainu

Enraged by the death of his son, Whitebeard starts an attack on Admiral Akainu. Admiral Akainu killed Ace to send a message to the pirates about the power of the government. And Blackbeard unleashes his fury on him. The action-packed showdown destroys half of Whitebeard’s face. But he keeps dodging and attacking his opponent. By the end of the fight, it is no surprise that Whitebeard emerges a victor.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

Luffy VS Doflamingo

Next on the list is the match between Luffy and Doflamingo. Doflamingo is one of the most disliked villains in the One Piece Universe. He is a man with countless evil deeds. And is a powerful opponent with his Haki. The match between him and Luffy is a classic moment from the franchise. As Luffy unleashes the Fourth Gear for the first time. Though powerful, the evil villain is no match against the Straw Hat Captain.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

Blackbeard VS Ace

Next is the battle between fire and darkness. The match between Ace and Marshall D. Teach, Blackbeard. Ace hunts Blackbeard to exact revenge for betraying the Whitebeard crew. The resulting fight between the two destroys a whole town. The battle also unveils the real motives of Blackbeard. And introduces him as a powerful villain of the series. The power from both pirates creates an explosion and levels a whole town.

Blackbeard VS Ace

Luffy VS Sir Crocodile

The next epic showdown on the list is between Luffy and Sir Crocodile. The manipulative leader of Baroque Works almost kills Luffy. He buries him under sand and beats him twice. However, the third and final time, Luffy uses his blood to solidify the villain to beat him. He sends Sir Crocodile fling into the sky to save the kingdom of Alabasta. As Sir Crocodile tries to take control over the kingdom.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

Zoro VS Ryuma

Another epic battle under Zoro’s belt is his match against the undead Ryuma. The legendary Samurai is brought back to life in the Thriller Bark arc. Zoro fights against the Samurai to win the black blade Shusui. Despite being dead, he puts up a good fight against the swordsman. Zoro pushes his limits and defeats the Samurai easily. In the end, Zoro wins the black blade. The fight showcases the swordsmanship of Zoro. Thus, it is a worthy addition to the list of top 10 One Piece Battles.


Luffy VS Lucci

This is one of the most-watched fights in anime history. It is the showdown between Luffy and Rob Lucci. Rob Lucci is a leopard hybrid and the leader of CP9. Despite knowing he might lose, Luffy stands against Lucci to save his friends. Even exhausted and severely wounded, he still tries to stop Lucci. His willpower and brute strength keep pushing him against his rival. Lucci loses the fight underestimating the determination of Luffy.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

The Straw Hats VS Pacifista

It is very rare for the Straw Hats crew to fight together. However, one of the iconic battles from the One Piece Franchise is their fight against a Pacifista. A Pacifista is a cyborg specifically made to kill pirates. And the whole crew fights together to stop the cyborg. All crew members push their limits during the match, trying to fight off a single Pacifista. The fight is entertaining and engaging as it showcases each member with the best of their powers.

Straw Hats Crew

Luffy VS Usopp

On the top spot ranks the showdown between Luffy and Usopp. The battle between the two crewmates is heartbreaking and painful to watch. The two crewmates butt heads over the ownership of Going Merry. Luffy wants to leave it behind for the safety of the crew. But, Usopp challenges him as he does not want to leave the ship behind. The Going Merry was a gift to Usopp from his love, Kaya. The fight is easily one of the most critical battles in the One Piece Universe.

Top 10 One Piece Battles

What did you think of our list? Do you agree with the selection? Let us know in the comments below. For more such exciting battle listicles, keep visiting The Anime Daily space.


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