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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 Raw Scan, Manga English Spoilers

The latest chapter of Tokyo revengers brought us two new members for the upcoming gang and we might get to see some new faces in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date is also set to be announced soon, fans can’t wait for the anime to return.

Hakkai and Inupi joined Takemichi’s side in his war against Mikey and it would be very interesting to see what additional changes they will bring with them.

Hakki is not only a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang but also the younger brother of Taiju, the captain of the 8th generation Black Dragons. He had been an ally and a trusted friend of Takemichi for a very long time now and so he was most likely to join his side.

On the other hand, Inupi has also joined Takemichi but by doing so he will be going against his best friend, Koko(Hajime Kokonoi).

Forming a new gang from scratch not only needs manpower but also faces that could lead them.

Takemichi, as we all know, is a prominent figure in the delinquent world due to his past, and now with some major personalities supporting him finding soldiers for his war won’t be a problem.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238

There are still some major issues that needed to be resolved but for now, the biggest issue in front of them is to decide on a new group name and symbol as it already got rejected by Inupi.

We now have two captains that will lead the upcoming gang but it still seems incomplete. There aren’t many faces left after the war of three deities as a majority of them got transferred to the Kantou Manji Gang.

By the looks of it, Takemichi may also turn toward the former members of the Tokyo Manji so it would be very interesting to see how many of them will go against their former captain.

Tokyo Revengers 238 Release Date

A gang is led by a leader and its ideologies. Mikey wanted to create a gang that will bring a new age for the delinquents but he turned toward a different path and his dream remained incomplete.

The gang that Takemichi is trying to make right now many finally fulfill that long-awaited dream.

The upcoming chapter is an awaited one as there is a chance that we might also get to some new faces. There has been no announcement for any holidays so we all can expect the upcoming chapter to release a new week.

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 will be released on 18th January 2022. We will make sure to inform you about any break if there happens to be one.

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 raw scans can be expected between 15th and 17th January. The Raw Scans are usually available around 2 to 3 days before the release of the official adaptions.

Eleceed Chapter 177 and Nano Machine Chapter 89 will also be published the same day, so do read them.

Tokyo Revengers Manga 238 Discussion:

The count of the new gang has reached 4 but it is still nowhere class to be called a gang. The upcoming 4 to 5 chapters of the Tokyo Revengers Manga are expected to find the faces that will lead the future gang.

The making of this gang will surely take time but it will also be exciting to see it get built from the scratch.

Koko and Inupi:

As most of you know Koko and Inpui are childhood friends and have been together for over a very long time. Before joining the Tokyo Manji gang, Inupi and Koko have been together as the vice-captain and a commander in the Black Dragon under Taiju.

Later on, Koko gets recruited by another gang and Inupi decided to stay with Takemichi in the Tokyo Manji Gang.

But that’s not the only relationship between them. Inupi had a bigger twin sister on whom Koko had a huge crush and later fell in love with her. On a fateful night, Inpui’s house was on fire and Koko went inside to fetch Akane but brought Inupi outside by mistake.

The lack of money for the treatment of Akane became the reason for her death and since then Koko has been obsessed with earning money.

Koko was later known as the money wielder because of this strategy to earn money and many gangs tried to recruit him many times but he always stuck with Inupi.

Although Akane was dead a long time ago, Koko always remembered her due to her resemblance with Inupi and we can wait to read what happens in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238.

The Lost Soldier, Hanma:

There is an individual who might get an entry into the upcoming gang but there is a very slight chance that Takemichi might reject him. Hanma has been with Kisaki Tetta until his death and after his death, he got almost disappeared from the delinquent world.

He was one of the most prominent faces in the earlier stages of the Tokyo revengers Gang. Hanma has been by Kisaki no matter where he goes and his battle strength was on par with Draken.

He might prove to be an efficient replacement for Draken but recruiting him will be a very tough task.

Takemichi and Kisaki had the worst rivalry of all and although Hanma didn’t have any issues with Takemichi he was always a hurdle in his way. There is still a lot of uncertainties but we all have to see what the author has for us in store.

There aren’t many faces left for Takemichi to recruit but he will surely find a way.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 238 Spoilers:

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers English Chapter 238 is still a few days away. We will be posting the spoilers for the upcoming chapter on our website as soon as possible so keep visiting.

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and do check our articles on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and Solo Leveling Anime while you wait for the raw and spoilers to be released.