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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Online

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233, Mikey defeats Kakoucho, paving the way for Mikey vs. South. When South saw that, he decided to face Mikey while ignoring the BRAHMAN’s head. After Kakoucho attacked Mikey and Senju punished South, the fight between the Three Deities has escalated. Nonetheless, South sped Senju into the air and quickly seized control of her. After Mikey punishes Kakoucho, the situation shifts in Mikey’s favor. Takemichi realizes that Mikey and South are ready to battle head-to-head in the latest episode of Tokyo Revengers and wonders about the vision he saw earlier. To revenge the death of Kakouchou, South is eager to fight Mikey in this match.

He refers to Mikey as Sano Manjirou. “Mikey-kun,” as Takemichi calls him, is unsure of what to expect. Kakoucho has been knocked unconscious, and Senju has regained her composure. Takeomi is curious as to what Senju and Mikey are up to. Since she must punish South, Senju tells Mikey to stay out of her way. The seriousness with which Mikey inquires about Senju’s willingness to die makes it clear that she is not going to be the next victim. Takemichi thinks he’s getting a homicidal sensation from the atmosphere around him.

With two blows, South ordered Mikey to begin the requiem’s end with him. As if nothing had occurred, Mikey swallowed the two hits and smashed South’s face with his trademark kick. Even though the kick hurts, South is pleased that it provides him with more fun and that their strength is on par. He comes to the realization that he has been looking for someone as formidable as Mikey as a challenge. Despite South’s gushing praise of their fight, Mikey continues to land big kicks to the face. When they saw a guy between them, South proclaimed that the rhythm was unstoppable. “It Takes Two Tangos” is the chapter’s title. Scroll down to read more about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Spoilers, Release Date, Read Manga Online.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 Recap

Before in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232: It was time for Mikey and South to see who could put up a fight without barrages raining down on them. Several portions of Mikey’s body have been injured. Takemichi appears to be halting the struggle, and South wonders if he’s willing to pay the ultimate price. It dawns on Mikey that Takemichi is the same way. It is Takemichi’s promise to Mikey that they can end the conflict. Takemichi was chastised by South for interfering. As though South had been hit by a train, his face appears to have been mutilated. South will perish unless they stop fighting, Takemichi warns.

It is revealed that Mikey is here to destroy the destroyer when Takemichi is ignored. It dawns on Takemichi that this battle may be beyond his ability to win. South reassures Mikey that he has the ability to manipulate his body. During the fight, Takemichi wonders if Mikey has morphed into a murderer, and Mikey breaks Takemichi’s arm with a flying knee since Takemichi is prolonging things. That hurts a lot, and Takemichi can’t understand why Mikey would do anything like that. Upon learning that Mikey is on his way, Takemichi falls to the ground in reverence. South confronts Mikey.

He asks South how he wants to die, and South is shocked to see a pulp face and bulging eye as he responds. Swollen eye: South can’t see, so he’s using one eye. TAKEMICHI SAYS TO MIKEY: DON’T KILL OUTSIDE! As long as he knows that Mikey is torturing him, South maintains his smug attitude. Several members of the various gangs have understood that Mikey will not spare them if they try to wake up. It appears that only a handful of men are still standing: Takeomi, Senju, Mikey, Takemichi and South. Mikey is on the verge of delivering the fatal blow.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers manga has recently been on a roll, and the fan base has grown rapidly since the release of the anime adaptation. According to Tokyo Revengers reports, most recent release schedule, the new chapter: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 Release Date will be on 1 December, 2021. It is also possible that the chapter will be released ahead of schedule, so fans should keep an eye out for that.

Where Can I Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233?

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 official license holder is Kodanshacomics, and fans can purchase the individual volumes by visiting their official websites. They can also visit other private websites to stay up to date on the latest chapters. We will continue to publish Tokyo Revengers articles. Keep an eye on us until then

Read More About Tokyo Revengers 

Ken Wakui is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers. Since March 2017, it has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shnen Magazine. Liden Films’ anime television series adaptation began in April 2021. In July 2021, a live-action film adaptation will be released in Japan.

Takemichi Hanagaki was in his second year of middle school when he was happiest. He was well-liked, had a large social network, and even had a girlfriend. However, that was twelve years ago. He’s now a nothing, a washed-up nonentity mocked by kids and forced to apologize to his younger boss on a regular basis. To make matters worse, a shocking news article about the Tokyo Manji Gang brutally murdering his only love and her younger brother adds insult to injury. Takemichi is transported to the same day twelve years ago, when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana, just half a second before a train ends his miserable existence for good.

Takemichi meets Hinata’s younger brother after being forced to recreate the day that started his downward spiral. He acknowledges his apparent death without thinking before flashing back to the past. Takemichi begs him to protect his sister before going into the future. He is, surprisingly, still alive. Even stranger, the future has shifted. Takemichi appears to be able to change the flow of time. Takemichi plans to fly through time and alter history in order to save his ex-tragic girlfriend from the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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