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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Raw Scans, Manga English Spoilers

The legendary fight between the unparalleled and the unmatched will continue in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231.

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers Manga took us back to the backstory of Akashi Takeomi, the vice-captain of Brahman Gang. Akashi Takeomi has been a legendary character and with his reputation, he received the title of, “God Of Battle”.

After the defeat of the legends of the Brahman Gang, Kawaragi has no option but to step-up to face the unparalleled Terano South. Terano is surely a very tough opponent and facing him is no joke for anyone.

At the same time, Kakucho has also stepped forward to face Mikey. Kakucho was surely a very prominent figure and his strength was only next to Izana in the Tenziku Gang.

The Past Of Akashi Takeomi has been a very glorious run but things changed after Shinichiro dissolved the Black Dragon Gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231

In the last future from which Takemichi has returned, Akashi has been the vice-captain of the gang which Mikey was leading which proves his connection with Mikey.

He must have been chosen cause Mikey’s brother, Shinichiro had also chosen him as the vice-captain of his gang.

The fight between the three deities has now brought all the prominent figures of the delinquent world together. The person who is going to come at the top of this battle will be ruling almost every big name that is present in Japan.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Release Date

The fight between Kawaragi and Terano paused for a while and the author took us back to show us a glimpse of the past of Akashi Takeomi.

The legendary person who is now the vice-captain of Brahman Gang has seen both high tides and low tides in his life. Akashi is now ready to do things correctly and step up to the aid of his little sister.

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers will surely be going to be an awaited one and we all can hardly wait to see how the epic fight goes. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 English translations will be released next week on 16th November.

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers 231 raw scans will be released around 14th November. The unofficial translations of the chapter take a day or two and you can check it out on various websites across the globe.

We strongly recommend you to follow the official release t support both the author and production of this amazing manga.

The latest chapters are released at 11 AM in Japan and are available on the online platforms a little time after that. You can read the official translation of Tokyo Revengers on the official website of Kodansha.

One Piece Chapter 1032 and Boruto Chapter 64 will also be out this week for fans to check out online.

Tokyo Revengers Manga 231 Discussion

The fight between Mikey and Kakuzo, and Terano and Kawaragi are both on another level and fans can hardly wait to see how they go.

Until the release of the latest chapter, let’s discuss some of the most popular Chapter 231 fan theories and predictions.

The God Of War:

The latest chapter took a break to appreciate the legendary ex-Black Dragon, Akashi Takeomi. Akashi has been the childhood friend of Shinichiro Sano with him he later formed the Black Dragon Gang. Akashi was very devoted to him.

Being the vice-captain of the most powerful gang his decisions could alter the course of a war that fetched him the title, “God Of War”.

Later on, after the Black Dragon got dissolved Akashi led his luxurious life which lead him to be buried under a pile of debts. After a while, he formed the Brahman Gang with Kawaragi as its leader and acted as its vice-captain.

But his life of luxury and his desires corrupted his heart. His wrong decisions have now gain created a big mess but this time the captain has stepped forward to take the decision.

In the alternate future from which Takemichi has come this time, Akashi has also been there. He has been the advisor of Mikey’s gang which only adds to his reputation.

We still haven’t seen him in action but that might also happen very soon in the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231.

The One Who Is Going To Rule The Delinquent World:

The biggest gang that Japan has ever seen was the 1st generation of Black Dragons which was led by Shinichiro Sano. From the moment Takemichi has made his entrance in the show he has been compared to Shinichiro and both show a large number of similarities.

He might be the one to lead the future of the delinquent world and he has all the right qualities to do so. But before he does so he has a lot of hurdles in his way and a lot of responsibility.

Takemichi has traveled back from the time so his original responsibility lies toward the one in the future. He has left his weeding in the middle to come and save Mikey, but he might not be able to return this time.

He may voluntarily decide not to travel back cause whatever he do whenever he goes to the future something bad surely happens. The biggest hurdle in his way is Mikey and he must defeat Mikey to succeed the throne of Shinichiro Sano.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 231 Spoilers:

The upcoming Tokyo Revengers 231 English Chapter is finally out for the fans to read online together with the spoilers.

  • The title of Chapter 231 is “Blood Chilling”.
  • Kakuchou is shown hitting Mikey multiple times.
  • Mikey doesnt answer back and doesn’t flinch even after getting hit multiple times.
  • Kakuchou asks if Mikey is holding back on him.
  • Mikey puts his right hand on his heart and remembers Ken-Chin.
  • Meanwhile, Senju vs South continues.
  • Terano South is very excited to have fought such a hard fight after so long.
  • Then South pushes Senju away.
  • Takemichi is shocked to how Senju got pushe away.
  • Then we see South ask Takemichi to move.
  • Takemichi suddenly has a vision where he sees South dead.
  • Soon Mikey appears in front of South and thus the chapter ends.
  • No break next week!

Stay tuned with Recent Highlights for all the latest news around the Tokyo Revengers Manga and while you wait for the spoilers to be released, do read our article on Dragon Ball Super Season 2.


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