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The UA Traitor Unmasked! Release Date

The UA High traitor has finally been named. As the plot details of the next chapter surface over the internet, the discussion pages fill with agreements and debates. Many fans had already guessed who the UA High traitor would be. Since the beginning of this maddening war, it was clear that someone who is leaking crucial information to the villains. My Hero Academia Chapter 335 will finally unmask Brutus. Thus, here is all you need to know about the chapter.

The next chapter of My Hero Academia looks into the aftermath of Stars’ fall. America’s Number One Superhero fell at the hands of Tomura even before she could land. This has sent a strong message to the world. In this case, Deku and the rest of the Japanese heroes are on their own in this war.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335

My Hero Academia Chapter 335: Plot Details!

The official plot details of the next chapter are already out. The upcoming chapter of MHA is going to be titled “Fertilized Egg.” The chapter will begin with All Might telling his students about the scale of danger coming their way. As All Might describes the powers and weaknesses of each villain, Toru’s silhouette emerges in the background. On the other hand, All For One will also discuss the strategy with his teammates. On the one hand, the leader wanted to take a break before forging the final attack.

But Dabi was impatient, and Tomura was impulsive. Both of them wanted to win the war at once. All For One rejected all hurry and instructed that they needed a solid plan before they breached the walls of UA High. The chapter will end with Tomura announcing that the plan has already been made and that he has many friends. In the end of My Hero Academia Chapter 335, Toru Hagakure’s silhouette will emerge from a light coming from the campus.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 334th chapter, the events followed the combustion of the New Order quirk. Tomura took away Stars’ quirk. But he realized that the power was eating away the rest of his stolen quirks. As a result, he fled the battlefield in order to look for a suitable body to pass on the quirk to. Thus, when he crashed onto a prisoner, Tomura decided to give him the quirk. In that moment, the figure of Stars’ emerged in front of him. She mockingly told him that New Order’s predominant nature was the relinquish any other quirk that it was placed with.

So, as the quirk was eating all his other powers, it got exhausted in the process. This meant that New Order had ceased to exist. Afterward, it was declared by the worldly authorities that they would not send any more heroes to Japan. Their top priority was to defend their guard than send heroes to die in vain. By the end of the chapter, the story is back at the UA High academy, where the students are all prepped up to take down Tomura and his army.

My Hero Academia Chapter 335

My Hero Academia Chapter 335: Release Date

The traitor will finally be unmasked in the next chapter of My Hero Academia. Now, it will be worth watching what the students decide to do with the convict. The next outing will give away all the possible answers. So, My Hero Academia Chapter 335 is scheduled to release this weekend on November 27, 2021. The chapter will be available on the official website of Viz Media. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.


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