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The Rocket Launch! Release Date & Plot

Dr. Stone Chapter 224 will be on a weekly break this weekend. The Christmas holidays are incoming, and fans are already excited about the week after. This is because the post-holiday hangover will bring many exciting releases. In Dr. Stone, Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley have boarded the rocket, and they are ready to take flight into the sky. So, before the plot details come out, here is everything to know about the newest outing.

The upcoming storyline of Dr. Stone will follow Senku and the two pilots into space. However, just to give the audience a scare, the craft may not start in the first push. Instead, the chapter might create anxiety for a few minutes before commencing the final launch. After the holidays, fans can finally travel to space with Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku.

Dr. Stone Chapter 224
Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 224: Plot Details!

The next chapter of Dr. Stone will be likely to see the launch of the spacecraft. At first, Senku, the chief pilot, will feed the codes in the Medusa. Thus, the flight will commence the launch. The Christmas break is the best time to speculate what would happen as the rocket launches towards the moon. As Suika had feared, the rocket might face some troubles in starting. But after a few anxious minutes, the rocket will rush off into the sky.

The crowd will cheer and wish them luck for a safe and successful journey. Cut back to the rocket, Senku will take care of all the stats of the flight. Meanwhile, Stanley will be looking after the details of the flight. Moreover, he is also taking care of the battle gadgets fixated on the rocket. Dr. Stone Chapter 224 will also look at the technological advancements back on Earth.

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Dr. Stone Chapter 224
Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 223rd chapter of Dr. Stone started with the crew prepping the launch site of the moon mission. The three pilots also suited up to get aboard the ship. Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku checked their gears and charged towards the rocket. Ruri took a moment to message Kohaku and tell him to have a safe journey. It was when they got closer to the ship that Stanley realized that the stakes were higher than just three lives. If they fail, the world would have no straw to fight the Why Man.

Meanwhile, Suika panicked that the launch might fail like before. But the team assured him that nothing of that sort would happen. Amid all the cheers, the team walked up towards the ship. Then, Senku set up the time and distance stats in the Medusa. The chapter ended with Senku looking back at how he stopped the petrification of the world, and now he was leaving the same world.

Dr. Stone Chapter 224
Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 224: Release Date

As per the Christmas break, the latest chapter of Dr. Stone will not make it to floors this weekend. Instead, the chapter will release on the next weekend. As Senku departs the world, he forged with his own hands, what lies ahead of him in space? Dr. Stone Chapter 224 is set to release next Sunday on January 2, 2022. Fans will find all the chapters only on the official portals of Viz and Shonen. For more updates, stay tuned to this space.


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