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Strongest characters of Haikyuu!! from Anime and Manga

Here, we have got you the strongest characters of Haikyuu!! from anime and manga. We are again discussing our favorite anime and manga series. For the last few years, the popularity of anime and manga has been skyrocketing, and thanks to this, we are getting a more uniquely plotted anime series. The genre which was in the shadow in these years is now in the highlights after the anime named Haikyuu!! came into existence. The sports genre anime are getting the same hype as the anime from any other theme. Not only the plot of Haikyuu is unique, but it also portrays the game of volleyball in a very cool way.

The major thing is that the characters of the anime are some of the most gorgeously animated ones. The fact made the fans simp over the 2D characters. Haikyuu!! is one of those finest anime and manga series that has made it to the top and has a lot of fan following all over the world. Haikyu!! is drafted and illustrated by Harichi Furudate. The manga was released in February 2012 and ended in July 2020. Later in 2014, an anime adaption based on the manga series was also produced, which premiered on 6th April 2014 and as successfully ended on 19th December 2020.

Here in this article, we are going to throw some light on the names of the top 10 strongest characters of Haikyuu from both anime and manga and why they deserve that spot. The article contains so many spoilers, so if Haikyuu!! is not checked in your watchlist, you better stop here.

Haikyuu!! Synopsis

Both the anime and manga of Haikyuu go around the life of a boy named Shoyo Hinata – the protagonist of the series – who is very determined to become a skilled volleyball player. The passion for volleyball is urged inside Shoyo when he gets a glimpse of the players of Karasuno High School playing in nationals on television. He was especially inspired by the player that goes by the name “The Little Giant,” the wing spiker of the Karasuno High school team.

After this incident, Shoyo determined to get involved in his school basketball team, but to his surprise, he was the only player on the whole team. He tried to gather some players to which some of his friends agreed to join it. In their very first official match, they suffered a brutal defeat as the opponent team included some of the skilled players include Tobio Kageyama, better known as “The King of Court”. After this match, both Shoyo and Tobio sparked a rivalry between them, and Shoyo pledged to seek revenge on Tobio by defeating him in a match.

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Top 10 strongest characters of Haikyuu!!

10. Yu Nishinoya

Yu Nishinoya or the Guardian Deity of Karasuno high. Yes, the character is referred to as a god that simply speaks about his skill set in the game. The highlighting part of his skills is that he is capable enough to play as same as the half of the defense team of Karasuno high. He is shorter than the other players, but his attitude and the chilly looks on his face are more than enough to make the opponent think again about his decisions. Of course, his skills are god-like, but he is not as good as the players on the list of strongest characters of Haikyuu!!


9. Tetsuro Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo is also known as The Scheming Captain. He was a former student of Nekoma High School. He served as the captain of the team. The character is also known for his skill of provoking. He is referred to as the master of provocation. He is brutal with his remarks and doesn’t regret them at all. When it comes to volleyball, his intuitive personality takes over him. In the matches, he easily makes his opponent shiver with his attentive nature as a middle blocker. The title says it all, being the scheming caption, he has a strong hand with analysis and is very well capable of exploring and analyzing every possibility to destroy the momentum of the opposition. Still, it takes a lot more to rank higher on this list.


8. Hinata Shoyo

Calm yourselves down, folks. We got our reasons to put him this low on the list. So, let me explain. Hinata is the protagonist of the whole series, but he still lags behind in many things as compared to the top-ranked players on the list. The protagonist is of a very cheerful and energetic personality. Throughout the series, we witness his bubbly personality, but he gets serious inside the playing grounds. No one can match his level of seriousness. His character development throughout the series shows how serious he is about gaining and improving his volleyball skills.

strongest characters of haikyuu

Shoyo Hinata

The thing that he lags in is, although he is very hardworking and can give some of the most intimidating and tough matches to the opponents, he gets scared easily of the strong opponents. Even though he has got those athletic skills, his response time and speed are much slower than the other strong characters on the list.

7. Korai Hoshiumi

Korai Hoshiumi is a second-year student of Kamomedai High School. The character is very skilled and is invited to All-Japan youth intensive training Camp. Korai is the official member of Schweiden Adlers. He holds a very loud and proud personality, and why not? His skills regarding the game leave everyone shook every time he takes charge. He is always irritated by the fact of being short, but the game of volleyball is not only about height. He has a great physique and is also known as the all-rounder. From Spiking to blocking, he can play every role very well. After all, he is also inspired by “The Little Gaint,” but he has already become better than him.

strongest characters of haikyuu

Korai Hoshiumi

6. Kotaro Bokuto

Hey! Hey! Hey! the coolest part of the entire series, meeting Kotaro Bokuto, one of the five aces in the whole country. But why is he at no. 6 on this list? Just because we got better players than him, but he is undoubtedly one of the best. He is a third-year student of Fukurodani Academy. After high school, he became part of MSBY Black Jackals as the outside hitter. Bokuto is very energetic and is proud to refer to himself as being the ‘strongest’ among the aces. He looks are very good, but only looks cannot manage to secure the high rank on in the strongest player list. He is surely admired by both his teammates and opponents.

strongest characters of haikyuu

Kotaro Bokuto

5. Atsumu Miya

Atsumu Miya, or we should say the most feared setter of the whole country. Atsumu is a first-class player from Inarizaki High School. He, along with his brother, is the center of focus of the team. His tosses are sharp and powerful enough to startle the likes of Aran Ojiro. Along with Bokuto and Sakura, he is one the best spikers in the whole of Japan.

strongest characters of haikyuu

4. Kiyoomi Sakusa

Sakusa Kiyoomi, also known as the ace spiker of Itachiyama Institute, is one of the top five ace players of the world of Haikyuu!!. He is also an outside hitter for the team MSBY Black Jackals. He also became one of the main members of the Japan Men’s National Volleyball Team. By his outside appearance, he looks so calm and collected but is actually very competitive. He is very proud of being one of the aces. He got extremely irritated when not referred correctly by Kageyama. He is very well known for his analytic mind. He is capable enough to analyze a toss before getting ready for spiking. One of the reasons for his extreme ability is that once he decides to enter a task, he sets a high standard. He doesn’t stop without achieving them.

strongest characters of haikyuu

Sakusa Kiyoomi

3. Tobio Kageyama

So here comes the character you have all been waiting for. The second most important character whole series is Tobio Kageyama, also known as The King of the Court. He was born with some serious skills for playing volleyball. He is also referred to as a prodigy of his field due to his exceptionally good gameplay. The thing that is holding him back is the unrealistic and unachievable expectations that he sets for his teammates to achieve. Other than that, he is one of the finest players in the whole series of Haikyuu!!.

strongest characters of haikyuu


2. Wakatoshi Ushijima

You asked for the antagonist of the series. Well, here he is. The only character who can be referred to as the antagonist is Wakatoshi Ushijima. He exerts some serious amount of power in each spike, making him one of the best spikers in Japan. With the combination of height, strength, and attitude, he is best to be called the antagonist of the anime. After his defeat against Karasuno, he declared to both Hinata and Kageyama that he would win the next time.

strongest characters of haikyuu


1. Toru Oikawa

Here we end the list with the strongest character of the series. Toru Oikawa is the all-rounder and the captain of Aoba Johsai. Even being clumsy at times, he is the most feared setter of all time. The best thing about him is that he is capable of extracting the best out of his team. This is the ability that makes him the strongest of all and the best captain in the series. His charm has the tendency to even tame the likes of Mad Dog Chan.

strongest characters of haikyuu


If you are looking for legit sites to watch the anime you can stream it on Netflix. The manga is available to read on Viz Media.

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