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SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga To End In The Next Two Chapters! Future Plans

There is a piece of sad news for all the readers of the SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga. Since November 2019, the fans of the franchise have been keeping up with the story of the Kaijus. However, their favorite manga franchise is coming to an end. This news did not come as a big shock as the manga had been drifting towards the final arc for a long time. So, when is the manga ending? What are the future plans? Here is all you need to know about the updates.

The SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga is an adaptation of the original anime by Studio Trigger. The anime was created by director Akira Amemiya in October 2018. Since its origin, five manga have come out in the franchise. Later in April 2021, a spin-off anime called SSSS.Dynazenon released. Now, fans are looking forward to the future of this incredible franchise.

Shonen Jump+

SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga Ending: Official Update

As of the last update, Shonen has not officially announced the end of its most popular kaiju adventure manga. The news was revealed by the editor of Shonen Jump+. In an official Tweet, editor Junichi Tamada revealed that Yuki Konno’s adapted manga was going to meet its end soon. The company’s head announced that the manga had the last two chapters left to be launched. Hence, the magazine will cease to continue the SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga.

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Future Plans!

So far, none of the staff from Shonen or the franchise have opened up about the future of SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga. The most recent part that came out of the franchise was the 2021 release of SSSS.Dynazenon. The series commenced in April and ended in July. Since then, there have been no announcements from the makers. The same is the case with the manga counterpart.


However, the Gridman universe is quite vast on its own. The series originally began as an anime series. The 12-episode series launched in October 2018. Since then, a total of five mangas have come out. This implies that the franchise has continued to release parts one after the other. Thus, there is a high possibility that the franchise will continue with more upcoming series.

SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga: Final Chapter Release Date

SSSS.GRIDMAN Manga is a weekly text that releases only in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+. However, the makers have not announced the solid release date of the final chapter of the manga. Due to the regular hiatuses and breaks in the releases, the date cannot be speculated. The picture will get clearer with the next issue of Shonen Jump+. We will be sure to update this section as soon as the updates are in the public domain. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates.


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