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Rolon Predicts Moves! Release Date

The story of Kengan Omega is catching all the eyeballs with its latest storyline. The match that began with the death of Ohma’s friend is now getting to its final stages. Neither Ohma nor Rolon is ready to take his guard down in the match. Currently, Ohma has realized that Rolon is able to make out his moves. This means that he can predict his attacks in advance. Kengan Omega Chapter 136 has more stored in for the readers. Here is all you need to know about the latest outing.

In the upcoming chapter, fans can expect to see the best of both players. Ohma has now charged up to the advanced Ninjutsu technique attacks. On the other hand, Rolon is also using his experience as a street fighter. The next outing is likely to come to a concluding point in this match.

Kengan Omega Chapter 136

Kengan Omega Chapter 136: Plot Details!

In the upcoming chapter of Kengan Omega, the match between Ohma and Rolon will yet continue. It is almost uncertain who is going to win this match in the end. For almost ten chapters now, the fight is ceasing to end. Both Rolon and Ohma are coming up with newer ways to take down their opponents. In the beginning, Rolon was overpowering Ohma with the use of his past experience. The time that he spent in the military turned out to be useful in the match.

But the winning streak did not last longer than a few punches. Ohma safeguarded his position using the advanced-level ninjutsu attacks. Kengan Omega Chapter 136 will continue this hard-fought match. Ohma has realized that Rolon was acting on premonitions. As a result, he will have to act with spontaneity so that Rolon cannot predict his moves.

Kengan Omega Chapter 136

Previous Chapter Recap!

In last week’s chapter of Kengan Omega, Ohma questioned Rolon’s stance in the match. He judged that after all his victories and fame in the underground street fights, he was still struggling to get the upper hand in the match. But his words did not get under Ohma’s skin. He was confident within himself that he would win the match. Just then, Ohma was able to conjure an advanced-level attack over him. As a result, he began to speed up his attacks.

But he could not keep the right balance between speed and power. Rolon got the chance to grab one of his punches. Thus, Ohma was taken down to the floor. Falcon explained from the sidelines the Rolon just used the Alki Ninjutsu technique. By the end of the chapter, Ohma understood that Rolon was getting the premonitions of his attacks even before he could think of his strikes.

Kengan Omega Chapter 136

Kengan Omega Chapter 136: Release Date

Rolon and Ohma have no will to stand down in his decisive match. The two of them are coming up with newer strategies to defend their guards. So, which player is going to be the ultimate winner? Kengan Omega Chapter 136 is scheduled to release this Thursday on November 25, 2021. Fans will be able to access all the chapters of the manga only on the official portals run by Kodansha. For more timely updates, stay tuned with The Anime Daily.


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