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Renewed? Will It Return? Release Details & More

Haru and his friends certainly impressed everyone with the way they dealt with Spirals. Well, they bravely faced several hurdles in order to rebuild their headquarters. It was inspiring as well as entertaining to watch. So, it is pretty obvious that the loyal fans of this show want to see more of their adventures. Hence, they are demanding for Last Period Season 2. So, will Choco, Haru, Gajeru, and Liza will return for another adventure? Here is everything to know.

Last Period, also known as Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari, is a Japanese action-adventure fantasy anime TV series. It is an adaptation of a free RPG game of the same name. Studio JC Staff animated the inaugural run of this show. Its premiere episode aired on April 12, 2018. The anime ran for twelve episodes before ending on June 28 of the same year.

Last Period Season 2

Last Period Season 2: Renewal Status

The role-playing game got a good response. Then, after a couple of years of its release, JC Staff delivered its anime adaptation. There are two kinds of reviews for this show. One is positive, and the other one is negative, and hence the anime ended up getting a mixed response. The critics praised the series for some of its content. However, they pointed out its mistakes as well. When it comes to forums and other platforms, Last Period is averagely rated. It has a score of 6.41 on MAL, which is not really good for an action-fantasy drama. There are several other shows of the same genre that are rated pretty better.

Also, most of the fan-following of this show is because of the video game. Despite that, the anime didn’t even have 50K members. They are not even close as it only has 33K members. Moreover, Last Period’s debut installment ended on a conclusive note as Haru and his friends dealt with the problem of Spirals and rebuilt the headquarters of Eighth Arc-end Division. So, it is highly unlikely that the loyal fans who are demanding to see Last Period Season 2 will ever get to see it. The chances for this action-adventure anime to get a renewal are very low.

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Last Period Season 2

What’s The Show About? 

The story of Last Period is set in a fictional world where magic users are called “Periods” who fight the monsters known as “Spiral.” It focuses on a 14-year-old boy named Haru who wants to be a Period. He became a part of the Eighth arc-end division, and they got the task to end the issue of monsters. The task was already a difficult one. However, this situation became worse when the Eighth arc-end division went bankrupt because of the mysterious thefts.

As a result, Haru and his comrades decided to operate out of the headquarters. They will try to make everything normal again while fighting with the monsters. 

Last Period Season 2

Last Period Season 2: Release Date

It will be a miracle if the producers give the green flag to this show’s second season, and miracles don’t take place very often. However, fans can hope for the announcement to come in the future by the end of the next year. In that case, Last Period Season 2 might hit the screens before the end of 2024.


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