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My Sweet Tyrant is one of the cutest romance dramas. Its runtime isn’t very long, yet, it manages to tell a beautiful story. The viewers really liked this anime when it premiered back in 2018. As a result, it gained a lot of popularity and fan-following. Every single fan of this show wants to see My Sweet Tyrant Season 2, but unfortunately, they haven’t got any update on it for the last three years. So, when will this romantic drama return for another run? Here are all the latest details. 

Also known as Akkun to Kanojo in Japanese, My Sweet Tyrant is a romantic comedy anime TV series. It is an adaptation of Waka Kakiktsubata’s manga series of the very title. Studio Yumeta Company animated the first season of the series. The premiere episode of this anime came out on April 6, 2018. After that, the show ran for a total of 25 episodes before concluding on September 21, 2018. 

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2: Renewal Status!

The debut installment of this romantic drama got a positive reception from the viewers. However, it got a few mixed reviews from the critics. The faithful adaptation even managed to impress the manga readers. It is very rare for anime series to satisfy the readers of the manga. At the time of writing, Akkun to Kanojo has a score of 6.84 on MyAnimeList. The show is very popular too, as it has more than 138K members in its MAL group. It is also ranked at #1279 in popularity on the same platform.

However, the only bad thing is that the manga series ended back in 2018. Waka Kakitsubata has published a total of eight volumes before its conclusion. Yumeta Company has already used most of its content, and now they don’t have enough source material for a split-cour anime. Now, My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 does not have anything to promote as well. Therefore, now the chances for this romantic comedy to return are very less. It might get a renewal if the makers are willing to add some original content in the sequel. 

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My Sweet Tyrant Season 2

Akkun To Kanojo: Plot Details

The storyline of this show revolves around Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari and his relationship with Non “Nontan” Katagiri. However, whenever he gets affection, he begins to get embarrassing. He just can’t know how to express his feelings for Nontan. As a result, sometimes, he behaves pretty rudely with her. But in reality, Akkun cares deeply for her. Despite Akkun’s rude and creepy behavior, Nontan stuck to their relationship. As a result, the behavior of Akkun changes with time, and when he finally becomes one who can openly express his feelings.

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2

My Sweet Tyrant Season 2: Release Date

As we previously mentioned, the chances for this show to get a green light are very low. Also, the ending of its first season is quite conclusive. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the anime will return for another run. However, if some miracle happens and the producers renew it, then My Sweet Tyrant Season 2 might release sometime in 2023. 


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