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Read Dr. Stone Chapter 225 Manga Spoilers and Leaks Online

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 reveals the science rocket leaving the Stone World after Senku and the Science of Kingdom crew had a goodbye party. The rocket is on its way to the moon with different reactions from everyone. Senku had flashbacks as the rocket left the world. He realizes how he started at a young age and wanted to get to the moon someday. Dr. Stone will delay the upcoming chapter and return after a week. In Dr. Stone’s latest chapter, Senku remembers all the days he spent with his friends crafting the rocket and the joy they have together.

He believes that humanity will return and enjoy eating ramen in space again. Senku realizes that the countdown has begun. The rocket arrives in space below the stars, but scientists have yet to land on the moon. Dr. Xeno talks with the team on the world and communicates with the three heroes on the rocket. He reminds them that liquid is unsuitable for space since it doesn’t flow normally in zero gravity. He knows that he has prepared for revival fluid, and it will be ready for Senku and the others when they arrive on the moon.

Gen realizes that Dr. Xeno was once a friend with Byakuya and the astronauts, and he has also given Senku a time. Meanwhile, Senku, Stanley, and Kohaku get ready to land on the moon. Senku talks with Stan and says that he is not surprised to wake up before Stan. Stanley took out his chewing tobacco gums, and Senku asks him if he knows about it and that Xeno and Stan are behind that plot. But it makes him nervous about having people like Stan and Xeno around.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 224

Stanley enjoys chewing tobacco gum and reminds Senku that he is doing his orders and Senku is too soft. Senku smiled and told Stan that they could leave that topic for later. On the other side, Zero continues to communicate with Satan and Senku while Gen and the others listen. He talks about the 20th century and the spaceship with no windows. But during that time, the pilot felt unprofessional, and they created a spaceship with windows since they wanted to see the space. Stan asks if they have enough oxygen.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225
Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Dr. Xeno told the two not to worry since they had more oxygen to spare. He explains how things work and that they won’t run out of oxygen. Kohaku is interested in looking at space and realizes that she has heard many things about space. Kohaku looked at Senku and Xeno and told the two that there was no up and down, and she felt lighter. Dr. Senku told her to relax and show them Francoise’s food for them. He told the two that it was space ramen packed inside the vinyl.

The trio enjoys the food, and Senku says it has the same flavor as the international space station in the 21sth century. Kohaku realizes that Senku’s father once ate and did the same thing that Senku does. She asks about the space station that Byakuya and his friends left if it is youth there floating. Senku replies that it is no longer there since no one was looking after it. It falls along with the shooting stars, and it happened thousand years ago. Chrome, Xenoi, and Suika talked about their creation that will combine in space.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 will be released on 16 January 2022. Senku told Kohaku to forget about the past since they make history. He knows that the old space station was launched, and the parts dock once in orbit. Senku told them that they had left the Stone World and now they were in a spacefaring civilization. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 225 official details and other recent updates.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225
Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Read Dr. Stone-Chapter 225 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dr. Stone-Chapter 225 online on VIZ Media’s official website. Dr. Stone Manga’s latest update, news, and recent three chapters are available officially on Shueisha’s online magazine & Shonen Jump. The scientist’s journey to the moon continues after they wake in space. The spoilers for Dr. Stone-Chapter 225 will arrive this coming week. Let’s meet when Dr. Stone-Chapter 225 is released.

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