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‘Parting Gift’! Release Date & Plot

My Hero Academia Chapter 334 is edging towards an insane conclusion. The fight between Tomura and Stars descended into an unexpected route. Tomura Shigaraki was almost successful in stealing Stars’ quirk. However, things did not drift according to his plan when he finally activated New Order. Shigaraki realized that this quirk was not designed to co-exist with other powers. So, is this the end of Tomura and All For One? What will happen to Stars & Stripes? Here is all you need to know about the newest chapter.

In the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia, fans can expect to see some interesting new revelations. The story will play out the aftermath of Stars’ battle against Tomura. After witnessing what happened to the strongest hero of Japan, other nations might refrain from sending any more heroes to Japan. This means that Japan now has to deal with the War on its own.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334
Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 334: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia is titled “Parting Gift.” The official plot details of the chapter suggest that the outing would begin with Shigaraki trying to pass on New Order to someone before he loses his consciousness. The chapter then cuts to a prison cell where a thief named Kashi is watching the TV. Just then, Tomura crashes into his cell. When he sees the thief, he decides to steal his quirk and give him New Order.

However, when he tried to execute the plan, he could no longer feel the quirk within him. An image of Stars came to his mind, which called him an idiot. He understands that while fighting the other stolen quirks, New Order ended up getting exhausted. This implies that New Order no longer existed within him. While some quirks did remain within him, Stars put the right precedent for the villains. By the end of the chapters, all the other nations will withdraw their promises to send any heroes to Japan.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last week’s chapter of MHA veered the story to a new path. The brawl between Tomura and Stars translated into an insane fight. During the close combat, Tomura grabbed Stars and started Decaying her. However, Stars declared that she would use New Order and stop the decay. As her quirk activated, Tomura began to steal it. Stars’ pilots were startled to see what she was doing. Tomura gained her powers bit by bit. However, in a vestige world, Tomura began to explode.

Stars explained that her quirk is designed to rebel against other quirks within the same body. As a result, both of All For One and Tomura’s quirks began to fight for the void. On the other hand, Tomura was getting desperate to save all his quirks and give up New Order. By the end of the chapter, Stars’ pilots shot endless strikes at Tomura.

My Hero Academia Chapter 334
Viz Media

My Hero Academia Chapter 334: Release Date

The bad guys have one of the strongest quirks in the world. Shigaraki is now the owner of New Order. What will the fate of the hero world be? Can Deku defeat the strongest force on Earth? My Hero Academia Chapter 334 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 21, 2021. The chapter will be available on the official website of Viz Media. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.


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