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Ousen Vs. Denmiri! Release Date

After the abrupt break from the last weekend, fans are hoping to see quite some action from the new outing of Kingdom. With as many plans and envoys heading towards one another, it is likely that things will rebound soon enough. But what is interesting to note is the fact that both sides are gathering as many allies as they can. So, which part of China is going to win this war? Will King Sei fulfill his dream of uniting an entire continent? Here is all you need to know about the latest chapter of Kingdom Chapter 705.

The official translated plot details of the upcoming chapter of Kingdom are already out. The raw scans suggest that this chapter will be dealing with the attack on the Atsuyo castle. After the Bujou and the Kanyou raid, this is the third castle that Ousen’s army is eyeing. However, Shin fears that they might be acting under Riboku’s expectations, only to fall into a trap.

Kingdom Chapter 705

Kingdom Chapter 705: Plot Details!

The latest plot details of the chapter suggest that the story will begin with Qin at the forefront. At dawn, when all the troop leaders sat down in the camp, Shin would spark the conversation about the siege. It was decided that only the Ousen army was going to commence the attack on the Atsuyo castle. So, they believed that staying behind was a waste of great potential. Later on, the scene of the attack on the castle will play out. Ousen had taken only a little chunk of the army towards the castle.

Later on, the chapter will deviate towards the brawl between Ousen and the Denmiri army. The commander will notice that the Denmiri army was unable to get their foothold in the great wall just yet. The chapter is expected to end with a battle beginning between Ousen’s forces and the Denmiri army.

Kingdom Chapter 705

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 704th chapter of Kingdom started with Kaine enjoying a good time with her husband and children. They were spending time in Ganmon on the outskirts of Kentan. However, Kaine’s illusion broke when her husband, Riboku, came informed her about the next expedition. It was revealed that the commander and his family were traveling up north from Kentan. All through the journey, Kaine kept thinking about the aftermath of this war. Later on, when the convoy reached Kenta, Riboku got back to work.

Soon enough, he chose two of his best travelers and sent them a message. One of the men went to the castle of Seika. The Lord of this castle highly admired Commander Riboku. Thus, he agreed to lend his forces to them for war. On the other hand, the second man was sent to the northeastern part of Taigen, which was the Roumou castle. This deal was also cracked with little to no quarrel.

Kingdom Chapter 705

On the other end of the war, Ousen and Kanki’s army united once again. Meanwhile, General Heki of the northwest also provided the army with ten thousand men. Towards the end of the chapter, around three hundred tribesmen also came along to help Shin.

Kingdom Chapter 705: Release Date

Due to the abrupt Christmas break, the previous chapter of Kingdom could not make it to the latest issue of Young Jump magazine. However, this week, another jaw-dropping outing is lined-up for a blasting release. Kingdom Chapter 705 will raise the stakes of the war to a new level. So, the chapter is set to come out this weekend, on January 9, 2022. Fans will be able to read the new part in Shonen’s Young Jump Magazine. In case of a break notice, we will be sure to update this section. Thus, stay tuned.


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