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One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan: Break?

It seems like Oda sensei has set up the final parts of the arc in the latest chapter. With 5 major plotlines remaining, we are going towards the end of Wano Act 3. In One Piece Chapter 1037, we will probably see any one of the 5 remaining stories.

Each of them has its own significant impact.

Oda sensei handled the Strawhat battles first. Robin, Franky, Sanji, and Zoro are done with their battles. Usopp is on his own mission, Nami has contributed well and Chopper has been a huge success. So now, it is time to wrap up the Samurai Storylines.

So the five storylines to be resolved; include Yamato reaching the armory and preventing the Yokai from setting off the blast. There is the matter of Onigashima falling and Momonosuke will be the one to do that and save thousands of Wano people.

Raizo versus Fukurokujo has to be resolved. And on that note, Hiyori and Orochi must be dealt with.

The last one, we will reveal a bit ahead. Although it is fairly predictable. We believe, the ending of these storylines might bring the act to closure but everyone has been wrong at predicting the act’s end.

Act 3 has gone on for a long, long time and we really can’t say when it ends.

One Piece 1037

Do you know about the new One Piece movie? One Piece Film: Red is set to be released in August 2022. It is the 15th movie of the franchise and was announced in November 2021.

Apparently, the film will have a new female character, who might just be a mink. And it has some major involvement from Shanks.

The creators have high hopes for the movie and Oda sensei loves the script. Weekly Shonen Jump issue 5/6 has us a promotional poster for the movie and it looked quite impressive.

We have high expectations from this movie and are hoping to see some great content.

As for the live-action, it seems like it is proceeding smoothly. A couple of days ago, they noticed two ships which can be Alvida’s ship.

The cast seems to be getting along and is quite open about the film on their social media. We expect more good news from the crew.

In One Piece Manga 1037, we kind of expect to see Raizo versus Fukurokujo. For some reason, this fight has been held on for a long time.

It is not that important to the plot but maybe the fact that the fights are true believers of their boss counts for something. We will see.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Release Date:

As you know, it is the new year and hence, celebrations are in order. And with those, come breaks. In the last 3 weeks, we have had 2 chapters but next week is a break! Hence, 2 chapters in 4 weeks. We hope after that, it can go back to the normal schedule.

The raw, Japanese scans or the One Piece 1037 raw scans will be released around 12 January 2022. They will be present in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue and we will find them leaked online.

However, you can rent them from shonenjumpplus website as well.

The fan translations take a couple of days. They are not necessary but a series as beloved as this gets a lot of translations. English, Korean and French versions come first.

We expect the English fan scans on January 14, 2022.

The One Piece 1037 English Chapter will be published online on 16th, 2022, and will be available to read on the Viz website, Shonen jump app, or mangaplus website.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340 and Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237 will also be released soon, make sure to check them out.

Read One Piece 1037 Spoilers:

While we do have a break this week, we probably won’t get any leaks. Preliminary spoilers might or might not arrive. The full spoilers will be out by January 13, 2022.

We are constantly checking for leaks and scans. If we do find any spoilers, we will write about them in this section. So please keep an eye on our website.

One Piece Manga 1037 Discussion:

So let us discuss the final plot before we get to Luffy versus Kaido. It is Law and Kidd fighting Big Mom. It is a very important battle due to the fact that it has awakenings in it. Luffy awakening his devil fruit is something we are very excited to see.

And then there is Big Mom. If she is not taken down, the whole plan can fall apart. So, we expect some scenes of this fight in One Piece 1037 spoilers. It will be a very crucial battle and the two supernovas have to use their whole arsenal to beat this woman.

Is it the end of King?

After a grueling battle, Zoro has managed to defeat King. King, or Arbel, has fallen in battle. But what is more interesting is his parallel with Zoro. Both Kaido and Luffy set out to reach the top.

Both Zoro and King are the number 2 of their crews and they vowed never to lose before their captain became the Pirate King.

Only Zoro managed to protect his promise. King remembered his conversation with Kaido, as he fell from the sky. We see how King thought of Kaido as Joyboy, how he has dedicated his life to Kaido. And Kaido is out to make a new world.

King probably won’t appear anymore in One Piece Chapter 1037 raw scans. As for Zoro, his Conqueror’s Haki is in full bloom and apparently, he has a new epithet. Right now, it is King of Hell Zoro!

What is the state of the battle?

The allied force has an uphill battle. They had small numbers and a gigantic enemy force. However, that has changed. Slowly but surely, they have racked in victories. As of now, all the Tobi Roppo and the Calamities are down. But, there still remains a gamechanger.

Big Mom and Kaido are the two strongest ones in the scene. They can both change the outcome of this battle. Defeating them is absolutely necessary. Kidd and Law are using their awakened Devil Fruit abilities but it is still too hard.

Big Mom is attacking them relentlessly. Maybe we can see more of this battle in One Piece 1037 manga spoilers.

Elsewhere, Momo is doing his best to hold Onigashima up. Kaido’s flames are getting weaker but he does not care for the lives of the Wano people. Hence, Momonosuke must prove his worth and stop the island from falling and bursting.

Meanwhile, we see Hiyori with Orochi. The latter is overjoyed to see the woman. Hiyori is entertaining him for some reason.

We expect Denjiro to appear in One Piece 1037 and together, they can put an end to Orochi. But instead of killing, they should capture and properly punish this absolute devil of a man.

What is Yamato doing?

Yamato has come down with the motive of handling the armory. It has enough ammunition to blast the island and cause immense damage. However, Rokki of the numbers was guarding it.

Fuuga crashed into him and incapacitated him while Yamato ran ahead. We expect the Yokai to reach the place in One Piece chapter 1037.

What is Usopp saying to the scabbards?

Usopp has a great moment in this chapter. For the longest time, the scabbards have talked about their revenge. But alongside that, we have seen their disregard for their life. They would sacrifice themselves for their cause. But Usopp is not like that.

Usopp scolds Kinemon and Kiku for giving up on life. He emphasizes how his philosophy is to survive and carry on. He tells them that the raid can be successful and they have to live to see the results! And then, Izo arrives to bring momentary peace to the situation.

However, Usopp’s words won’t reach Raizo. He is currently locked into place alongside Fukurokujo. They have bound each other in Paralysis Jutsu.

Unfortunately, Raizo has caught fire but he will endure it until he can defeat his opponent. We will see more of this in One Piece 1037 English Chapter.

What is the state of Cipher Pol 0?

In a slightly confusing panel, we see that the CP0 has managed to defeat X Drake and Zanki. This internal marine struggle might be explained to us in One Piece Manga 1037.

Inbi and Apoo have escaped the CP0. These are strong members and they are hell-bent on catching Nico Robin.

Cipher Pol 0

We believe they will wait. When the fight is over, the victor will be weak. CP0 will do what they need and escape without much problem. They must be stopped somehow.

They know that this battle can highly impact the whole world and they have to escape and take countermeasures as soon as they can.

What is Luffy doing?

Luffy has successfully learned proper haki. He is strong enough to fight on par with Kaido. They are having a hard battle. What’s interesting is that both the fighters are enjoying the fight.

Yes, the stakes are high. Yes, they are fighting seriously. But there is nothing wrong with enjoying the battle.

Luffy is happy to have mastered new power and he gets to use all of it. Kaido has found worthy new opponent after a long time and he wants to cherish the fight.

One Piece 1037 might show a new development in this battlefront! We will share the raw scans and spoilers on Recent Highlights as soon as the break period is over.