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One Piece Chapter 1033: Release Date, Speculations, and Where To Read Online?

One Piece Chapter 1033 follows after the Manga released the latest spoilers a few days ago. Things have been hectic at Onigashima’s castle, with Marco taking his Phoenix form. Izou had his say while he was on top of Marco’s shoulders. The two learned about the mysterious Youkai. Izou orders Marco to help him find it and pass by Big Mom’s area fighting Law and Kid. From One Piece’s latest chapter, Kaidou’s underlings appear while attempting to leave the castle. Unfortunately, the Samurai blocked them, and we also saw some cannons arriving at Live Floor.

Things moved to the 2ND floor, where Appoo is after Yamato, and X Drake is after Apoo. The Number Fuga is also about to catch up with Yamato. But they seem to be friendly, and Fuuga seems not interested in hurting Yamato, and it is revealed that Fuuga’s lower body is a horse body. Yamato also reminds Fuuga how she missed her and tells him that she is in a hurry. Kaidou’s men report the second floor about the Giant Fire Youkai coming to the basement. But someone appears where Yamato is after falling.

The two were revealed to be Brook and Robin, who fall on Fuuga’s head. The two agents of CP0 jump down, trying to keep up with Robin and Brook. But the two get ready to fight with the agents, and the Youkai appears near CP0, engulfed in flames. Yamato also notices that Youkai is traveling fast to the lower levels. Yamato realizes that the Youkai will help since the island will explode before hitting with the Flower Capital. She told Fuuga to help her. Robin and Brook decided to leave before the CP0 appeared.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1032

The chapter titled: “Oden’s beloved sword.” The CP0, engulfed by flames, managed to survive; they encountered Appoo, who took their pictures. He talked with them, and they told him that he talks too much. The boss of the CP0 uses Shigan to strike Appoo, who bleed, and X Drake arrives. The CP0 boss talks with X Drake about his true identity and says they must eliminate the problems. Appoo wakes up and plays his song to attack the CP0 who wanted to hit X Drake. X Drake realizes that Appo is still alive.

One Piece Chapter 1033

One Piece

Appo and X Drake quarrel, but X Drake transforms into a dinosaur. They both attack the CP0 agents simultaneously. On the outside, we saw Zoro and King and continued to strike each other. King transformed into Pteranodon form, and Zoro laughs at him. But he unleashes Tempura Udon: Proud Imperial Marten. Zoro also had his moment and used Sanbyaku Rokujuu Pondo Hou: 360 Pound Cannon that King dodges shoot Zoro. Zoro also unleashes Santouryuu: Three Swords Style-Kokujou Oo Tatsu Maki: Black Rope Dragon Twister. King turns into a human after those strikes.

They decided to play with swords, and Zoro heard a sound that activated Enma. Enma sucks the Haki within Zoro’s body. Inside the treasure’s room, Orochi appears and hears something. Orochi head to the scene, and when he opens the door, he sees Komurasaki. Komurasaki surprises Orochi, and she is the one who is playing the shamisen. Orochi is shocked. Orochi wonders if he is alive or dead, but he thinks that it might be a dream. Komurasaki wanted to say something, but Orochi realized that he had been thinking about her every day. Orochi admits that he will never forget Komurasaki. But Komurasaki told him that she also feels the same.

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One Piece Chapter 1033 Release Date

One Piece-Chapter 1033 will be released on 28 November 2021. Orochi told her not to wake him up if he was daydreaming. The mystery behind Komurasaki’s appearance will be revealed in the upcoming chapter. One Piece Manga is not taking a break this week, and we expect the spoilers to release early. Let’s look at One Piece Chapter 1033 official details.

One Piece Chapter 1033

One Piece

Read One Piece-Chapter 1033 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read One Piece-Chapter 1033 online on Shonen Jump’s official website on Sunday. One Piece Manga’s latest chapters and official updates are available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s online magazine. The manga release three chapters, but it takes breaks and then returns with another chapter every month. The One Piece-Chapter 1033 will be released during the week. Let’s meet when the One Piece-Chapter-1033 spoilers are released.

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