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One Piece Chapter 1032 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan: Big Mom Awakens

Sanji has finally forsaken Germa’s technology and is out on his own in his fight against Queen of the beast pirates. The One Piece Chapter 1032 spoilers are going to be here soon, but unfortunately, there is a delay.

One Piece manga is on a week break this week because God Oda is taking a break. Oda usually takes a break after every two chapters and thus we have a scheduled break this week.

The story of the fight between Queen and Sanji will continue from next week and we can’t wait to read how Sanji fares against one of the calamities after destroying his Raid suit.

Sanji has always been someone who loves and cherishes women around him even if it’s an enemy. But knowing that he hit a woman for the first time, Sanji felt horrible and found Germa’s technology to be at fault.

Sanji has finally cut ties with all Germa as well as its technology and will now be fighting with his own techniques and his raw strength. Sanji truly deserves to be one of the big three of the Strawhat pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1032

One Piece 1032 manga spoilers will be out soon, but since there’s an unexpected one-week break, we will have nothing to read this week.

Kid and Law are fighting against Big Mom are already way beyond exhaustion at this point. Both of them have awakened their powers but there’s a time limit because they have only learned it recently.

Fans wholeheartedly believe that Law and Kid will be able to defeat Big Mom but they need some time to gather their strength for sure and thus want someone to intervene and delay the fight a little bit.

Who will be the next one to step up against the cruel and mighty Big Mom? Yamato seems to be the most possible answer.

One Piece 1032 Raw Scan Release Date


As we mentioned above, One Piece manga chapter 1032 will not be released this week since it’s on a one-week break. The OP manga series will resume from the third week of November.

Even though the English Chapter has been delayed, there are high chances of raw scans getting leaked early. In the past we have seen it happen while the manga was on a temporary break.

We expect One Piece Chapter 1032 raw scans to be out by November 12th this week. Shonenjump plus website is the best source for the One Piece raw scans released.

Once the scans are out, the scanlations teams behind the manga will start working on the raw chapter to release the fan translations.

It takes 6-8 hours at most to get a rough translation and then only we get to read the spoilers.

One Piece 1032 official English Chapter will be published on the Shonen Jump official website on Sunday, November 21st, 2021.

One Piece manga 1032 spoilers

But while you wait for the fan translations and the official chapter to be published, we recommend checking our articles on My Hero Academia 333 and Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 165,

We will be sharing the spoilers in the last section of this article, so make sure to come back and read it.

One Piece Manga 1032 Discussion

The big fight is finally reaching its climax. Luffy vs Kaido will be the highlight of the next chapter.

Big Mom has only been using her basic powers for most of this fight. Even though Law and Kid have awakened their devil fruit abilities and using strongest of their attacks, Big Mom has been holding back.

Big Mom is an emperor of the sea. She has pride in being the most fierce and strongest among all of the pirates. That’s why she has only been using a fraction of her strength all this while.

But now Linlin will go on the offensive and it’s Kid and Law’s time to defend. How will this all unfold? One Piece 1032 spoilers will surely show more of their fight.

Luffy Vs Kaido: One Vs One

The one vs one between Luffy and Kaido will finally start on the rooftop. Yamato left Luffy behind with Kaido so that they can have their last duel.

Luffy was defeated by the thousand beasts Kaido in the past and that’s why he asked to be left behind alone on the rooftop in the fight against Kaido.

He has surely gotten stronger than before and has more control over his advanced form of Haki. But to take down a beast like Kaido, Luffy needs to step up his game.

Luffy must awaken his powers just like Kid and Law if wants to have a fair shot at defeating Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 1032 raw is where we get to see Luffy go against Kaido at full power. Kaido has been stabbed and injured multiple times in this fight.

First, it was the red scabbards, then Law, Kid, Yamato, and now Luffy. Their fight will continue on for the next 5-10 chapters but the next one is going to be very important since we might Luffy awaken his powers.

Big Mom’s Real Strength

Linlin is the queen of Tontatta land and has been hailed as one of the four emperors for many decades. Now two rookies are standing in front of her trying to forcefully dethrone her.

In the last One Piece chapter, we saw Big Mom use a portion of her life span for the first time and it made her grow several times. She is confident in her abilities and strength to overwhelm anyone, even someone like Kaido.

Even though Law and Kid have awakened their abilities, they are going to have to try harder if they even want to put a scratch on her.

Law with his awakened abilities can injure Big Mom from the inside and this is going to play a big role in the fight.

Law’s Gamma knife has surely increased in power and even though it didn’t work on Kaido, with his awakened abilities Law can surely make it work on Big Mom numerous times.

Big Mom is known for never getting injured or even scratched her whole life, that’s why an attack that injures her from the inside is very critical to this fight.

One Piece 1032 spoilers will show how Kid and Law decide to tackle Big Mom now that he has grown in both strength and size.

But will she get dethroned in Wano? Well, that’s another story and we don’t think it will happen in this arc. She will most likely escape with her children when the marines invade.

Kid: Emperor Level?

Since Luffy is the protagonist of the series, Kid has always been underrated but in the Wano arc, he has shown his might and now fans have started comparing his strength to be the same or even higher than of current Luffy.

One Piece Manga 1032 spoilers are going to be out soon and it will surely show Kid use more of his awakened abilities.

After the Dressrosa arc, Luffy started getting called the fifth emperor of the sea. Since Kid has awakened his abilities, it is safe to say that he is currently equal or even greater in strength than Luffy.

Once he defeats Big Mom he will surely rise as one of the emperors of the sea. But it’s not that easy.

The wano arc is only going to be a stepping stone for the next big fight between the strawhats and the World government. We strongly believe that just like the sichibukai system, the emperor of the sea titles will be no longer used.

Kid is a potential ally for Luffy in the future fight. Law and Kid will surely have created a synergy and understanding between the two during this fight and are sure to collaborate in future fights.

Read One Piece Chapter 1032 Spoilers

The break is finally over and we finally got some early spoilers to read from the One Piece subreddit.

Here’s a brief summary of the English spoilers available online.

OP 1032 Spoilers
  • The title of Chapter 1032 is “The Dear Sword Of Oden”.
  • One Piece 1032 spoilers first panel show Marco transform into a phoenix and go with Izou.
  • Last chapter Fuuga was chasing Yamato but it seems like both are friends.
  • The roof of their floor breaks and we see Brook and Robin fall from the sky.
  • CP0 are chasing the two but gets injured because of the fire spirit that also fell from the upper floors.
  • Apoo starts clicking pictures of CP0 to sell to Morgan.
  • The CP0 members recognize Drake and they know his true identity.
  • Then in a turn of events, we see Apoo and Drake Vs CP0.
  • The later panels of the chapter shows Zoro vs King.
  • From the early scans, it seems like King also has a dinosaur body like Queen.
  • But after some time King returns to his normal body and starts a swordfight with Zoro.
  • Zoro is very confused as to what species King is.
  • It is very difficult to defeat someone if you don’t know its origins and special powers.
  • Emma swords start reacts to a sound of Shamisen that they hear from a distance.
  • Orochi also goes towards the sound and meets Hiyori there.
  • To all those confused, Shaimsen is a three string lute played by Hiyori.

So stay tuned with Recent Highlights while we bring all the latest One Piece manga and anime news to you in the future.