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One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan: Kid Vs Big Mom

Killer has finally cleared the path for Kid to fight against Big Mom. One Piece Chapter 1030 will most probably be the finale of the fight between the two.

When to comes to battle, Killer versus Hawkins has been one of the most impressive ones. Their back and forth, coupled with the quick movements was very impressive to see.

This paves the way for Kidd to fight properly against Big Mom, another menace in this arc.

If you did not know already, we must inform you that the One Piece anime is fantastic. Ever since the wano arc, it has kicked things up a notch and its sheer quality has managed to draw back a huge number of fans.

Many people quit on the anime during the Dressrosa arc. But now, the quality of each episode can be compared to movies.

Everything has reached new heights hence the overall experience is phenomenal. One Piece Episode 1000 has already been completed!

On November 20, 2021, there will be a global livestream from Toei. Fuji TV, the official tv channel for the show is making a grand party.

One Piece Chapter 1030

One Piece Episode 1000 will be launched with immense joy and a huge number of people will tune in to watch it.

The FUJI Tv building will have a covers showcase. All 100 existing volume covers will be put for show alongside the latest TV anime visual. This is a landmark event for everyone involved with One Piece.

As for sales, the overall numbers are closing on towards 500 million sales. 100 volumes of the One Piece series have managed to cross 490 million unit sales all over the world, making it the second best-selling comic book across the world.

Only Superman comics is ahead of it.

We have come a long way. More than 60 chapters have passed and we are nowhere close to the end of Act 3 of the Wano Arc.

There have been no hints whatsoever about the curtain drop and so, we have no choice but to read ahead patiently. One Piece Manga 1030 will continue to progress the events of the raid.

One Piece 1030 Raw Scan Release Date

We just experienced a break. So, for the next 2 weeks, we will get 2 solid chapters to enjoy. After that, there will be another scheduled break from the writer himself.

As you know, this deal is done to keep the writer’s health intact.

On October 27, 2021, we will receive the Japanese version of the One Piece Chapter 1030 raw scans. The most recent Shonen Jump issue will contain it. Plus, you can rent it off the shonenjumpplus website.

Then we have the highly popular fan translations. English, French, and Spanish are a couple of languages in which this version will be released. We can expect the English version within October 29, 2021.

What we recommend you to read is the legal and freely available official One Piece 1030 English Chapter. It will be posted on October 31, 2021, on Mangaplus and Viz websites, and the Shonen Jump app.

There is one issue though. The official translations sometimes feel subpar! Not just for One Piece.

Viz translations have not done the best work and maybe if enough people talk about it, they will work harder to make the dialogues, less cringey!

Black Clover 311 and My Hero Academia 331 will also be out the same day and can be found on the Shonen Jump website.

One Piece Manga 1030 Discussion:

Kidd is the supernova who has been hyped up the most if we exclude the heroes, Luffy and Zoro. And despite all his glory from Oda sensei, he has not lived up to the mark.

Despite initially being shown with a bounty higher than Luffy, despite all the Luffy Law Kidd showcase during Onigashima trip, Kidd has been underperforming.

We believe Kidd’s time is coming up. He is highly skilled and it is high time for him to shine. And Law is another major presence in the arc.

If the two of them manage to defeat Big Mom, it will be a huge accomplishment, not to mention highly necessary. Maybe we will see that starting in One Piece Chapter 1030.

However, there is this theory from Marco the OP Theorist. He had successfully predicted the time jump of Momo and the Traitor amongst the Akazaya.

He says that kaido will retreat back to his personal island, which is mostly metal. Kidd and his magnetism will shine a lot during that phase and that will be Kidd’s shot at fame.

Meanwhile, we also have Apoo and Drake fighting. These two have not been given much importance, ever since Luffy left for the roof. One Piece 1030 manga spoilers might shed some light on them as well.

Why is Sanji running away?

Sanji’s actions in this chapter have been questionable. What exactly is going on with his body? That is a big mystery. He himself doesn’t know it. Sanji fears that he will be like his brothers and that scares him.

Because that is what his character is about. His humanity, his kindness, his ideals.

But now that he is developing his abilities, he is afraid of losing his identity as a human. And hence, he runs away. Sanji aims to figure out what exactly is wrong with him and whether he did anything to trigger these changes. So, he leaves to think.

However, that does put his comrades at risk. Queen is literally the second strongest under Kaido.

He can easily defeat the samurai army and Zoro is not strong enough to take King and Queen on his own. But maybe Oda sensei is just trying to change the location of the fight.

Sanji has always been a pretty intelligent person. So maybe he predicted that Queen will follow him and thus left to protect the others from the collateral damage. One Piece manga 1030 spoilers will explain it all to us later.

How did Killer beat Hawkins?

Hawkins got the upper hand on Killer as soon as he revealed his Kidd doll. Just like how Zoro is ready to sacrifice himself for Luffy, Killer does the same for Kidd.

He can’t hit Hawkins due to the fact that Kidd will sustain the damage.

Hence, he has no choice and offers to exchange his life in exchange for Hawkins letting Kidd live.

But that does not go his way. That is when he asks two very smart questions and thus, gains the upper hand. He chopped off the left hand of Hawkins, who in turn, feels the full brunt of the pain. But why!

It is because Kidd has no left hand and Hawkins could not use him as a conduit.

This also allowed Killer to extract Kidd’s doll. Only Hawkins himself remains. As a last resort, Hawkins launched his Strawman Upright card and the huge straw warrior came to hurt Killer, just like it had fought Zoro long ago.

However, Killer was prepared. He might have eaten the laughing fruit and gone slightly mad, but he is still functioning perfectly.

Killer lopped off the strawman’s head and Hawkins falls into battle. One Piece chapter 1030 raw scans will show Killer resting after a while.

What will Kidd do?

Now that Killer has freed Kidd from Hawkins, things are going to change. Hawkins was repeatedly banging his own head, transferring the pain to Kidd.

With that much pain constantly bugging him, Kidd was basically dead weight in front of Mama.

Law alone is not strong enough to fight Mama. He does effective attacks but takes a lot of damage from Napoleon. Law needs Kidd to pull his own weight. And that just wasn’t happening.

But once Hawkins was cut down, Kidd finally found his pain stopping. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted from him. Now the man can fight at his full potential.

The upcoming chapter1030 will probably feature Kidd clashing heavily with Big Mom, while Law assists him.

One Piece Chapter 1030 Spoilers:

This is one of the few series that gets early spoilers. Usually, for others, spoilers arrive Wednesday and are translated and posted by Thursday. But for this, we get spoilers on Tuesday!

One Piece manga 1030 spoilers

One Piece Manga 1030 spoilers are finally here and we see two of our favorite pirates awakening their devil fruits.

The title of the chapter is “Echoes the impermanence of all things!”. Apoo and Drake have made an alliance and three of the numbers are with them.

Law and Kid have awakened their devil fruit abilities and but they can’t use them very often since it uses a lot of stamina and power.

Kid has the awakened ability to turn anything or anyone into a magnetic object. Law has the ability to attack anyone from their insides.

The full spoilers can be read by clicking the link given above. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

We are doing our best to find spoilers for you. So we ask you to be a little patient and keep an eye on Recent Highlights. Rest assured, as soon as we find them, we will post them in this section.