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One Piece 1033 Spoilers Show Back Story Of Shimotsuki Kozaburo

The detailed spoilers of One Piece 1033 are out finally. Needless to mention, these are confirmed spoilers and they are sure to appear in the chapter.

After a long, long wait, we are getting an in-depth view of Zoro and his past.

While this hasn’t been a chapter that gives us Zoro’s lineage, it forms the connection between Zoro, Shimotsuki Village, East Blue, and Wano. And it gives us key pieces of knowledge about the Wano swords.

This makes Zoro and his swords so much more exciting for us.

The fight between Zoro and King will definitely be a legendary one. It has so much played behind it and Oda sensei plans to clear it all before we reach the conclusion of this battle.

So far, Zoro is at a heavy disadvantage!

One Piece 1033 Spoilers

We will discuss it all in-depth after the official chapter comes out. Until then, let us take a look at the recently arrived One Piece spoilers.

One Piece 1033 Spoilers:

The cover photo shows Tashigi and Smoker on a frozen island.

Penguins are the heroes who defeated Tashigi and she is the villain who surrendered with a white flag in her hand. Smoker is sitting in the background doing nothing.

The chapter is named Shimotsuki Kozaburo. It starts with King using some sort of body bomb on Zoro. He himself is unharmed by the explosion and Zoro barely saves himself by coating himself with Haki.

Basically, the One Piece chapter 1033 spoilers are divided into three main prongs, and each prong represents each of Zoro’s swords. But before we get to them, we have Queen fighting Sanji. Their battle has taken a slight pause as Queen warns Sanji about the beast that King is.

As we head to King vs Zoro, we see that King has the upper hand and he is pushing Zoro around. It is being even more problematic for Zoro since Enma is acting up at this crucial moment.

In the end, King’s attack hits Zoro and he ends up dropping his swords. And as he picks them up, he remembers the history of the swords, allowing him to connect all the dots.

First there is the Sandai Kitetsu. Hitetsu revealed to Zoro how it was his own creation and Zoro remembered how the sword chose him in Loguetown.

There was the Wado Ichimonji, the second prong of flashback. It was Kuina’s sword that Zoro inherited alongside her will. Apparently, it was Shimotsuki Kozaburo, a legendary swordsman who made both Enma and Wado!

One Piece 1033 spoilers also show that he fled Wano and settled in East Blue. Kuina was his granddaughter. And one day, he met a young Zoro and taught him the word Sunacchi for spirit! And it was Kozaburo was the one who handed two wooden swords to Zoro.

All swords have their own personalities – they are tools for killing and they faithfully do their duty. The cursed ones are just the ones who viciously do their job. It takes a very strong swordsman to handle those.

As he picks up Enma, the last prong, Zoro wonders how Oden handled it and how he survived using Enma freely. He realizes that Enma has chosen him as his master and finally decides to use his conqueror’s haki.

King realizes the usage of this and asks why Zoro wants to be a king. Zoro says that he has a promise to keep to his captain and his best friend!

Where to read One Piece Manga 1033?

The raw scans of the chapter are finally out and the translation process is finally finished.

The fan English scans of One Piece Chapter 1033 will be released this Friday and will be available to read on the One Piece subreddit.

This Sunday on November 28, 2021, the official English chapter will be available to read on the official Shonen Jump website and the Viz app on your smartphone.

There is no break before the next chapter and thus One Piece 1034 will be released on time as well. While we wait, read our articles on Black Clover 315 and Hero Academia 335.