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New Teaser Out! Release Date & More

Sports anime are thrilling and exciting in their own. They feature the hard-earned victories through colorful characters. Also, they teach the importance of teamwork and friendships which attracts many fans to the genre. So, a new addition to the great list of sports anime is Fanfare of Adolescence, which was recently announced by Studio Lay-duce. This one is an upcoming anime centered around three teenagers who want to take up horse racing. Find out everything you want to learn about Fanfare of Adolescence Anime here.

Fanfare of Adolescence is an upcoming sports anime. It is a story about three teenagers in a horse racing academy. Studio Lay-duce is animating the exciting project. And Aniplex is producing it. Furthermore, Makoto Kato will serve as the director of the show. In addition, Hiro Kanzaki will work on character design. The anime is set to premiere next year in major Japanese Networks.

Fanfare of Adolescence Anime

New Teaser, Cast & Staff Announced!

A new promotional video for the Fanfare of Adolescence Anime released on December 26, 2021. In addition, the show makers unveiled additional cast and staff members. The announcement confirmed that Team Fanfare would work on series composition. Whereas, Naohiro Fukushima will work as the lead writer. And Tomokatsu Nagasaku will be the chief animation director.

Moreover, the announcement also consisted of a new cast list. First on the list is Takahiro Sakurai as Yutaka Asahi, an instructor at the horse racing academy. Then, Hiroki Touchi as Kazuo Nohira, a strict instructor. And finally, Lynn as Tako Kitami, an employee at the talent agency of Yu. On top of this, the show stars Natsuki Hanae as Amane and, Shougo Yano as Yu. Finally Shimba Tsuchiya as Shun. Makoto Kato of Bloom Into You fame is directing the anime. And Hiro Kanzaki is working on the character designs. Watch the new teaser here.

Fanfare of Adolescence Anime: What Is It About?

Fanfare of Adolescence is a sports anime that centers around horse racing. It follows the story of three teenagers who want to become jockeys. The story is set in a respected horse racing academy where the three boys enroll to train and become the best jockeys in the world. The three main characters are from different backgrounds. However, they are equally matched in the skill and passion required for horse racing. During the course of the show, they meet interesting instructors and competitive classmates.

The three main characters are Yu, Shun, and Amane. Yu is a former idol who leaves the spotlight behind for horse racing. One day after watching the sport, he gets fascinated by it. So he enrolls at the academy. Next is Shun, who never saw an actual horse race. As he is from a distant island, he only heard of the sport through the radio. Last on the list is Amane, who comes from an elite family. He attended multiple horse racing academies before as his father was also a jockey.

Fanfare of Adolescence Anime

Fanfare of Adolescence Anime: Release Date

News of the anime first came out in August 2021. It was announced during a horse relay race program in Japan. In addition, the event also informed that the show will launch in April 2022. It will premiere on Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS. Additionally, it will also launch on GTV and GYT. Neither Aniplex nor the show makers have announced a release date. For further updates on the show, keep checking The Anime Daily website.