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New Release Date! ‘The Landing’

Dr. Stone Chapter 225 is on a break yet again. With as many mangas and anime going on weekly hiatuses, fans are left with a lot of spare time to culminate theories. In the case of Dr. Stone, the strongest speculation that is sweeping all the numbers across the internet is the battle between Senku and the Why Man. However, there is a long time before the manga is ready to display the ultimate battle. So, here is everything fans need to know about the latest outing.

The next chapter of Dr. Stone will be dealing with the continuation of the space mission. Senku, Kohaku, and Stanley are one step closer to landing on the moon. Thus, this is time to prep all the gear and find the Why Man. Keep reading further to find out what happens next.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Plot Details

The 225th chapter of Dr. Stone is on break this weekend. And so, the plot details and rough scans are also halted for this week. The next chapter will be dealing with a decisive arc in the storyline. Stanley has declared that as soon as they land on the moon, they are going to take down all that has been set up by Why Man. This strange villain has been in talks since the beginning of the stone age. However, this evil man has not shown up in any of the chapters.

Thus, fans are excited to get a glimpse of the man who was responsible for bringing an end to a healthily festering human life. On top of this, all of humanity is keen to find out why he has petrified an entire planet. So, Dr. Stone Chapter 225 might take a few steps towards answering this question. Moreover, the official plot details will be out by next week. So, fans can expect to hear more about the chapter.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 224th chapter of Dr. Stone started with Senku thinking about all the hurdles that they have managed to surpass over the period of time. Just then, he was brought back from his petrification. Senku realized that Xeno was the one who had un-petrified him before the other two pilots. The pilot took a long look at the space before bringing back his co-pilots. Just as Kohaku was revived, she took her time to observe the space they were in. With her, Stanley also came back.

Realizing that they had been frozen with empty stomachs, Senku offered that they all have lunch. And so, the three pilots had bowls full of space ramen for themselves. Later on, the spaceship passed by the space station where Byakuya had set up residence. But Stanley lifted their spirits by stating that his sacrifice was not going to go in vain. They had managed to bring humanity from the stone age to a spacecraft civilization. Thus, they will also take down the perpetrator who was behind.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Dr. Stone will be taking the final leap to the surface of the moon. With all the preparations already done, what can Senku and his crew expect from the Why-Man? Dr. Stone Chapter 225 will be returning to the screens on January 15, 2022. All chapters of the manga are timely released on the official pages of Viz Media and Shonen. Thus, keep an eye on this space to get more updates.


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