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My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320: Release Date, Preview & Recap

My Wife Is A Demon-Queen Chapter 320 reveals the guy who recently emerged from the sand and headed to meet vice Demon Queen. Demon Queen meets with that guy and realizes that he was abandoned by his family and wonders why he is still interfering with the royal family. She pins him to the ground using her long heel shoes. The guy reveals the threat to her throne and realizes that if they act recklessly, they can’t defeat them. From My Wife Is A Demon-Queen’s latest chapter, the vice Demon Queen wonders why the guy has the breath of the corpse pillar, and it seems that the corpse pillar has been executed.

She demands to know who those two are, and that guy reveals that it is the guy from the human race and his name is Xiang Yea. He adds that Xiang Ye has become a powerful forger. The vice Demon Queen was surprised to hear that a human had become a powerful forger. That guy adds that Xiang Ye is not alone, but he thinks another woman is Isabella. He reveals that Isabella can exude demon magic.

The hooded demon with long claws thinks that he is familiar with the name Isabella. They use Bai Enwei’s memory magic to see what is inside that guy’s mind and see Isabella with Xiang Ye. The vice Demon Queen admits that Isabella has powerful magic. They realize that Isabella and Xiang Ye did defeat not only the corpse pillar but also Zuan Zhu. The guy who delivers the message realizes that if it were not for Isabella and Xiang Ye, he would have been the king of the Dwarf Kingdom. They realize that Xiang Ye will become a more significant obstacle in the future.

Previously on My Wife Is A Demon-Queen Chapter 319

The person hidden within the chamber thinks it is fantastic, and the guy who thinks he was supposed to king wonders why that person is saying that. He realizes that they have to eliminate Xiang Ye and Isabella before things worsen. The person reveals the magic power they took from Isabella and realizes that those powers can be revived in Isabella’s present appearance. The vice Demon Queen asks ”Your Majesty” if Isabella is the former Demon Queen. But Her Majesty tells the Demon Queen that she is newly recruited, and it doesn’t matter if she knows her or not.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Her Majesty smiles inside the chamber and never thinks she could see Isabella, but things have changed since Isabella and Xiang Ye rose. She thinks that it will be fun to meet with Isabella. The lady inside the chamber is revealed to be the Demon Queen- Lilian. That guy can’t believe that he was defeated by the former Demon Queen, Isabella, and Xiang Ye. Lilian praises the Dwarf guy and tells him that he has done a great job and promoted him to be the new pillar. Dwarf thanks Lilian, who take a few of her magic power and give them to him.

A Dwarf guy saw a giant monster coming his way and wondered what kind of magic is that. He asks Lilian if she is giving him the magic or trying to kill him. That monsters and serpents scare Dwarf, who falls to the ground and wonders if they will devour him. They entered inside his mouth, and Lilian got excited watching that. After entering his body, he begins to roll on the ground while feeling pain. The Dwarf guy begins to gain monstrous muscles and wonders what is happening to him.

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My Wife Is A Demon-Queen Chapter 320 Release Date

My Wife Is A-Demon Queen Chapter 320 will be released on 28 November 2021. Note that My Wife Is-A Demon Queen releases two chapters every Sunday until the manga gets interrupted. Xiang Ye and the likes of Isabella are on the airship heading home after vacation. Xiang Ye has become a forging teacher. Let’s look at My Wife Is A-Demon Queen Chapter 320 official details.

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320

My Wife Is A Demon Queen

Read My Wife Is A Demon-Queen Chapter 320 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read My Wife Is A-Demon Queen Chapter 320 online on various websites. The spoilers of My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 320 will release on weekend. The manga is yet to update where to access My Wife Is A Demon-Queen’s latest chapter and updates. But other sources will keep on updating about this manga. Let’s meet when My Wife Is A Demon-Queen Chapter 320 is released.

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