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My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date, Trailer, And Cast

With the series solidified as one of the big 3 shonen of modern times, My Hero Academia Season 6 is just around the corner. Season 5 is going to end with a bang and the series will get renewed for another amazing season.

This seasonal approach has been a great success and we are probably looking at the future of anime release.

Take the previous big 3, all of them had long-running shows. Naruto and Bleach resorted to high amounts of spoilers while One Piece resorted to a slower pace.

Even Black Clover ended after its long run. But take My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer – both are taking a seasonal approach and both have seen great success.

If you are waiting with us for the next season, then you already are a big fan of the show. Clearly, you enjoy the content.

My Hero Academia Season 6

So we invite you to take a look at all the details of Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 that we have.

This journey is far from over and we swear it going to get so much more interesting!

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is also supposed to be announced soon, maybe it will share the release date with our Hero Academia sixth season?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Announcement:

As of now, we have no announcement of Hero Academia Season 6. The fifth season will be ending very soon and after a couple of months, we expect to hear the announcement. But it can be sooner of course.

The fourth season ended with the announcement of the fifth. We see no reason for a similar occurrence to not happen.

To all those thinking or asking if there will be a My Hero Academia Season 6 or not, we say it surely will happen.

We expect an announcement to be at the end of season 5, which should be September 28, 2021. But this is less likely.

Studio Bones has faithfully stuck to this series and received a lot of praise for its dynamic animation. We are hoping that they keep up their good work and adapt to the next season.

Funimation should continue to be the licensor and release the dubbed version.

As for the producers, we are not really sure who will be there. However, Shueisha will produce it of course, since they have the source material. And we do expect TOHO animation and Sony to continue funding the series.

Boku no My Hero Academia Season 6 Release Date:

First, let us see if there will be a My Hero Academia Season 6 at all. For any anime to have a sequel, 3 conditions must be met – popularity, earnings, and source material. The first two are interrelated.

Now, My Hero Academia is already an ultra-popular series. It has a wide fanbase that has dedicated itself to the show and the manga. This is one of the most successful titles under Weekly Shonen Jump.

Just look at Myanimelist. Season 5 has nearly 7 hundred thousand members! That’s immense.

This much popularity only means that this is a successful run. Hopefully, the season will have a healthy profit and that means, the next season will be coming quickly.

As for source material, the manga more or less has sufficient content to make Hero Academia season 6. The current season will be ending with the Meta Liberation Arc. After that, there is only the Paranormal Army Liberation War arc and it is a long one.

Remember that we said that My Hero Academia Season 6 might be announced a few months after Season 5 ends? That is because of this source material. The manga is one arc ahead and is currently quite deep into the Final Saga.

So mha season 6 might end up adapting the whole War arc and then give us some of the areas from this Final Saga.

The sixth season has been finally confirmed and even the first preview of the season has been released. More confirmed details are to be out soon and everything will be shared here once out!

However, we expect the release date of My Hero Academia Season 6 to be around March 2022. This is a rough estimation based on the gap between seasons 3 and 4.

This will allow the manga to proceed by about 50 chapters, which means the content will be more than enough to adapt properly. We expect bnha season 6 to have 24 to 26 episodes.

Tower Of God Season 2 is rumored to be announced around the same time.

My Hero Academia S6 Anime Premise:

Hero Academia is the journey of Izuku Midoriya, or Deku, to being the number one hero in the nation. Initially born as one of the 2 percent people who are quirk less in his world, Deku’s courage gives him the reward of a new quirk.

As luck would have it, it is a very important quirk that is meant to defeat the final villain.

As of now, Deku has finally understood how special his quirk is. He is starting to unlock more abilities and learn to train his body and mind to use them.

Deku possesses more than one quirk and he is gearing up to fight Shigaraki and All for One, the two antagonists bent on destroying society.

My Hero Academia Season 6

My Hero Academia Season 6 will focus on an all-out war between the Heroes and the Villains. Currently, Shigaraki is trying to unite them all under his banner and he will succeed.

The villain uprising is going to lead to a deadly battle and after that, we will see changes we could never imagine.

Boku no Hero Academia Season 6 Cast:

As of now, the cast of My Hero Academia Season 6 is not confirmed. But since there won’t be a lot of character changes, we expect the cast to be nearly the same. We will have:

  • Daiki Yamashita coming back for the role of Deku.
  • Okamoto Nobuhiko and Kaji Yuki reprising their roles as Bakugo and Shoto respectively.
  • Sakura Ayane to return as as Uraraka
  • Uchiyama Touki will probably be back as Shigaraki Tomura!

No trailer has been released or leaked for Season 6 of Hero Academia anime yet. We will make sure to update you all by posting them here as soon as it gets released.

So stay tuned and do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below and read some of our announcement articles on unOrdinary anime and Solo Leveling Anime.


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