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My Hero Academia Chapter 336: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

My Hero Academia Chapter 336 reveals the aftermath of America’s Number One Hero Star and Stripe and the mystery behind Tomura and All For One’s true form. The world was shocked about that news, and All Might also let the students know about that. They have come to know that Tomura and All For One will take a complete form after seven days. That gave them an opportunity to prepare for him and find his weakness. From My Hero Academia’s latest chapter, All Might and his team receive the investigation reports. They learn that the New Order has turned into poison within Tomura Sigaraki’s body.

The students learned about that and think that they are at an advantage and will have a chance to take Tomura down. They decided to evacuate the citizens and thought that going all-out against the enemy would end the battle quickly. All Might remind them not to get carried away since no one can predict what All for one could do next. He shows them the list of the villains and reveals that the villains are more than heroes.

All Might thinks that going all-out is not a good strategy and tells the students to get ready and improve through training. Bakugo gets furious and thinks that they are ready to go since they have been training the whole time. All Might is not aware that the students were training since he knows about the time he left Izuku was from the hospital by the time he left. Izuku asks others if they will help him release the full abilities of One For All. That didn’t impress Bagukou, and he scolded Izuku. Bakugou thinks that he can use new techniques.

Previously on My Hero Academia Chapter 335

Bakugo thinks that Deku vs him will be good combat training before fighting against Tomura Shigaraki. The other students realize that they have learned something during their training, and they reveal their techniques to each other and how they will use them. All Might watch the students talking and recall the students’ first training on the first day of the academy. All Might comment that ”little eggs” have hatched. He is impressed that the students have gone through challenging battles and managed to survive, and they have now become birds that will fly in the sky. He believes that Class 1-A is strong, and All For One was thinking about All Might.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336

My Hero Academia

Meanwhile, in the villains’ base, Tomura Shigaraki appears while screaming in pain. All For One tells Tomura to relax and wait until his body stabilizes. Toga is also next to All For One, and Tomura comments that he despises Star and Stripe and wants to destroy everything. Tomura also reveals that his hatred will never end since many people will remind him about All Might. All For One senses Tomura Shigaraki’s rage and smiles while patting him on the head.

All For One thinks that Tomura has done an excellent job even though he failed to steal the New Order, which helped them eliminate a significant obstacle. He decides that they will stay low until they make another attack, but Toga thinks that will be too late, and she cannot accept that her father is alive. All For One reminds Toga about the difference between them and that they must plan everything but reach the same goal. He reveals that he has many allies, and that will make them victorious. While he continues to speak, Toru Hagakure’s silhouette turns visible.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Release Date

My Hero-Academia Chapter 336 will be released on 5 December 2021. A few days are left for Tomura to regenerate and gain his complete form. But All For One is patient and realizes that the next battle will entertain since Tomura will be filled with rage and hatred. Tomura can’t wait to recover since he is in deep pain. Let’s look at My Hero Academia-Chapter 336 official details and upcoming updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 336

My Hero Academia

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 336 Online- Raw Details

You will be able to read My-Hero-Academia-Chapter 336 online on VIZ Media’s official website. My Hero Academia’s latest updates, spoilers, and chapters are also released on Shueisha’s online magazine and Shonen Jump. A new chapter of My Hero-Academia gets updated every Sunday. The spoilers for My Hero-Academia-Chapter 336 will be released this coming week. Let’s meet when My Hero-Academia-Chapter 336 is released.

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