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Mayor of Kingstown Season 2: Release Date (TV Show)

Mike and Mitch McLusky’s business has been thriving for years. Mitch was called the “mayor of Kingstown” because he influenced most of the important criminal cases taking place in the city, while not breaking the law. He easily found a common language with people, always valued his brother and never risked his own life. But one day an outrageous man appeared who was able to separate the brothers once and for all…

“Mayor of Kingstown ss 2”: release date, announcement

The sequel to the TV series “Mayor of Kingstown” has not been officially announced. Paramount + does not comment on Season 2 issues, keeping information under wraps. However, the good ratings for Season 1 give hope that the viewer will still see the new episodes. At best, their premiere will take place in November 2022.

Some sources report that Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon have already prepared material for the new season, but it is not yet known about the start of filming.


Miriam McLusky has been teaching in a women’s prison for many years. She talks about great historical exploits and hates the moments when prisoners ask her for help. Especially if the service is somehow related to her influential sons. Not approving of their work, the woman thinks with horror how everything could end. But children are already adults and do what they think is right.

Ten years ago, the sons decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. Mike and Mitch are now able to influence inmates and prison guards, although they never go to prison and do not turn to their mother for help. The brothers are visited by relatives whose loved ones are behind bars. They ask that the prisoners be looked after, not be offended … In return, Mitch receives a lot of money and has immunity in his own city.

One day, Mitch learns about the map, which marks the location of the safe with a large amount of money. Arriving at the appointed place, Mitch enters the room, but he is taken at gunpoint by a rabid Mexican. The offender also found out about the money and decided to get it. Seeing the cash, he kills Mitch and goes into hiding. Mike learns about the incident from the police, who do not let him on the scene.

Frame from the TV show

Back home, Mike meets his mother, who reminds him that everyone will end up just like his father. The woman hopes that the surviving son has learned his lesson and will no longer be involved in helping criminals. Mike thought so too. And he even decided to step aside. But one day a Mexican woman comes to the doorstep of his old office. She begs for help for her sister, who is in a prison near the city.

Not long hesitating, Mike decides to help the woman, and again finds himself drawn into a deadly trap. He will have to take the place of his brother and become the new mayor of Kingstown. It turns out that they are trying to hang on Mike the money that was stolen from Mitch. The amount is so large that he will not be able to collect it by the due date…

Actors and their roles

  • Mike McLusky — tries to never break the law, can’t even kill a Mexican with Mitch’s blood on his hands; he entrusted the investigation to the cops; deeply worried about the death of his brother; he left business for a short time, but when he realized that no one else would help people who were in jail, he came to the conclusion that it was better to continue the family business — Jeremy Renner.
  • Mitch McLusky — the eldest son in the family; was engaged in helping prisoners for remuneration from their loved ones; was embroiled in a big money scam that led to his death; during his lifetime he said that he would never sacrifice himself for any money, after which he was shot — Kyle Chandler.
  • Miriam McLusky — mother of the McLusky family; works in a women’s colony; breaks down on prisoners who dare to talk about her sons; every day expects the worst news from children; was at the workplace when she learned of the death of her eldest son — Dianne Wiest.

Interesting Facts

  1. In recent years, Jeremy Renner’s film activity has increased dramatically. And the fact is that he worked on films of the “MARWEL” studio, where he had one of the leading roles. Comics fans know him as the superhero nicknamed Hawkeye. The multi-year contract had many restrictions, so Renner could not participate in all the projects he wanted.
  2. Kyle Chandler played only minor characters for a long time. The actor landed his first lead role in the Netflix thriller “Bloodline”, for which he received several Emmy nominations. Then in his career appeared the role of Dr. Mark Russell in the full-length films “Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters” and “Godzilla vs. Kong”, released on May 31, 2019 and March 26, 2021, respectively.
  3. Of the recent roles of Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Peterson is the most memorable in the movie “I Care a Lot”. In the story, her character hides that she has a son, but when she falls into the hands of a swindler, she is forced to call him for help. The retirement age does not prevent Wiest from acting in such films – the woman feels great and does not complain about her health.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2×01Series 1November 2022
2×02Series 2November 2022
2×03Series 3November 2022
2×04Series 4November 2022
2×05Series 5November 2022
2×06Series 6November 2022
2×07Series 7November 2022
2×08Series 8November 2022
2×09Series 9November 2022
2×10Series 10November 2022

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