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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date And Time Announced

A new week and a new episode to wait for! Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 air date has been finally announced and we share some spoilers down below.

Onward! With these last words, Lord Biao breathed his last. It was an honor to fight beside him – Xin realizes how lucky he is. He fought his first campaign under this man and now, he is one of the men most loved by the General.

Xin inherits the shield of Lord Biao and strengthens his resolve to get to the top.

General Li Mu is indeed the toughest and smartest. However, owing to unmatched instincts, Lord Biao caught him. Unfortunately, General Pang Nuan appeared on the field. He fought Lord Biao and defeated him in battle. However, Lord Biao did manage to take an arm – Pang Nuan has been weakened.

Lord Biao reminded Pang Nuan that it was because of the arrow on the back, that Xian Yi fell before him. If not for that, Pang Nuan would have been defeated.

All he is doing now is chase the image of Xian Yi, whom he could not defeat in straight-up combat. And that makes him nothing but a desperate vagabond, not some kind of martial god!

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18

Lord Biao protects Xin from certain death. Xin was about to charge in and get eliminated by tougher opponents. But Lord Biao reminded him that it is not his time to die.

Xin must move onwards and protect his country. And that is exactly what our protagonist does.

This does not bode well for Qin. Losing Lord Biao is a very big blow. He was one of the pillars who upheld this country’s military. With his loss, there is a huge gaping hole!

Lord Biao was a man who lived and died on the battlefield – he might not have been one of the Six Great Generals, but he certainly is of that caliber.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 will bring us more warfare. The narrative is about to shift to a whole new battle and this is one of the closest, most desperate battles ever.

We are sure that every watcher will be enthralled and hyped beyond their minds!

Kingdom Chapter 690 is also set to release this week and we recommend you all to read it when out!

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 Release Date:

Studio Pierrot Plus and Studio Signpost are the ones working on Kingdom. The animators are working very hard to make every episode. Hence, they deserve a reward. And we reward them every time we watch anime legally.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 is titled “Zheng’s Decision” and is set to be released on August 23, 2021. After the break last week, fans are a bit worried.

But we assure you, there are no immediate breaks for a while now. Things will go smoothly unless something unforeseen occurs.

This will be the 95th overall episode of the series. It will be directed by Harume Kosaka. It will be written by Daisuke Tanimura. In Japan, the anime will be airing at 12 am!

That is because Kingdom Season 3 is categorized as seinen and due to mature content, can’t aim for the earlier slots.

We recommend every kingdom fan to watch through legal channels. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 will be available on Animelabs and Funimation. If Funimation is not available in your region, use a VPN.

But watch from these streaming sources to support creators.

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Kingdom Season 3 Ep 18 Spoilers:

Up next, we will discuss the spoilers for the new episode, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18. As usual, the anime still shows no preview of the upcoming episode. Hence, let us discuss what we can expect, shall we?

Spoilers ahead – Read at your own risk. We will be spoiling parts of the upcoming manga chapters.

With the loss of Lord Biao, there remains no proper General who can defend Xianyang against the Li Mu army. The city has dedicated most of its resources to the Hangu Pass defense. It can neither withstand a siege nor can it send fighters out to match Li Mu.

Lu Buwei has the despicable idea of running immediately. He plans to surrender. By offering up the head of the king, he will ensure that his faction and he himself live on peacefully. But King Zheng has other plans. He is not a man to give up.

And hence, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 will show King Zheng leaving for the city of Zui. Zui is the last city that must be taken down before one reaches Xianyang.

This is where the King will rally his troops. He will take everything at his disposal – soldiers and commoners will fight side by side. Only the King is capable of such an incredible feat.

As we know, Xin has also headed that way. So it is finally time for Xin and Zheng to fight side by side. The War of Zui will be a phenomenal one.

Fans will really enjoy watching it begin in the upcoming Kingdom Season 3 Episode 18 English sub. Also, check our article on Blue Lock 143 while you wait for the anime to air.