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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date And Time

Remember that we mentioned something ominous? Well, it is coming up. General Li Mu is easily the most dangerous man in Middle Earth or China. And he is silently making a move! It started with Zhao and it will probably end with Zhao. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 will give us a very big shock.

Kingdom Chapter 687 is also set to release this week and is a must-read for all manga fans.

We must not discredit General Wa Lin. She is truly one of the best on this battlefield. Unlike other Generals, her tactical advance is far more calculated and efficient. She uses the battlefield incredibly well.

If not for General Wang Jian’s return, Hangu Pass would have fallen by now.

This brings us to Wang Jian. There is a reason why this man is considered, alongside General Li Mu, to be one of the finest generals of the era. Not only did he defeat his own opponent in the psychological warfare, but he also had the foresight of returning and protecting Hangu Pass.

Our protagonist Xin looks uneasy. Something is going through his mind. However, we know him to be a pretty dumb guy. So what exactly are the narrators trying to portray?

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16

We will find out in Episode 16. Our hero is not someone to be trifled with!

In the end, it was General Meng Wu’s supreme victory over Han Ming, that set the tone of the battlefield. This fifteenth day, both the armies threw their best at their opponents. And the demoralization that came from Han Ming’s death affected the flow.

That is why the Chu King is worried. He does not want his army to be the villain of the war. Fortunately, he is counseled by General Lian Po, another man who stands alongside Li Mu and Wang Jian. Maybe we will see one last effort from Chu in the future!

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 will bring us to the final phase of the war. Something unimaginable is about to happen. The Zhao armies have disappeared. Are they sneaking off? Are they deserting the field?

What exactly will happen here, all of us are very excited to find out.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 is titled “Li Mu Whereabouts” and will be aired on August 2, 2021. In Japan, the day will literally begin with this episode.

Kingdom shows mature content, hence it is a seinen type anime, and is meant for the more mature viewers.

The TV slot allotted to it is at midnight!

The episode is titled: ‘Li Mu’s Whereabouts’, which means we will continue directly from the latest one. As of now, the director and the screenwriter of this episode have not been released.

Below, we are giving out the release timings for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 in various regions of the world. All you have to do is match your own time zone with the one nearest to you and you’ll see when it comes out in your place.

  • Europe region at 3 PM GMT
  • timing in India – 8 PM IST
  • timing of Japan is 12 AM JST
  • United States – 8 AM PDT

Tokyo Revengers Episode 17 and My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 18 are also set to air this week for all fans to watch.

Where to watch Kingdom Season 3 Ep 16 English Sub?

Funimation is the official distributor of Kingdom Season 3. You can access the English subbed version of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16, which is the 93rd overall episode of the show.

In case you are interested in the previous seasons, you can always visit Netflix or Crunchyroll to watch both of them. They are slightly inferior in quality though!

We humbly request every fan of the series to use these official websites to watch the anime instead of using illegal sites. Studio Signpost is working very hard to create this and the least we can do is support them by watching legally.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 Spoilers:

Before we get to the spoilers of Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16, we would like to warn everyone. Proceed at your own risk. We are going to divulge details from the manga. If you do not wish to read them, stop here.

As usual, we got no proper preview at the end of the episode. So, let us take a look at what we can expect.

There are two paths to Capital Kanyou. The North of Hangu Pass and the South of Bu Pass. The latter is hard to travel and longer so enemies do not choose it. General Li Mu was clever enough to choose this. Right from the beginning, he slowly snuck out troops and now, he has accumulated about 40000 soldiers in that path.

Within 2 days, he will lay siege to Kanyou. The capital city is lacking in defense because it sent garrisons to the Hangu pass. How long can it hold out against the most dangerous man in the nation? One by one, the cities in the South Pass fall to Li Mu!

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 will show this amazing plan of Li mu executed. It is the last effort of the Coalition army. Both the Coalition army and the Qin army are at their limit

Whoever wins this final battle will be the ultimate victor. Unfortunately, the disadvantage of Qin is immense.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think about the upcoming Kingdom anime episode in the comments down below and also read our article on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 while you wait.