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Kingdom Chapter 701 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

Lo and behold! We are 700 chapters in already. Does it feel that long? Not to us. Especially with the hints of Riboku’s return, things are getting more and more heated. The latest arc has been absolutely phenomenal and we are very excited to read Kingdom 701.

Is this the birth of another Hakuki? We won’t lie, Kanki is easily one of the best characters in the series and we absolutely love his style. However, the way he disrespected Ei Sei does not sit well with us.

It’s not a big deal, to be honest. After all, Ei Sei is a revered man to this day while Kanki has been lost in the annals of history.

Nevertheless, the meeting between the two heads felt somewhat off.

Makes us realize that on the battlefield, especially on Kanki’s battlefield, even the authority of the King is diminished. Out in Kanyou, Ei Sei has infinite power but on the field, he had to endure Kanki’s disrespect.

Kingdom Chapter 701

We are curious about the final panel of the latest chapter. Is Riboku returning? Will he fight Kanki? Both of these generals are geniuses and their clash will be epic. We have to read Kingdom Manga 701 scans to find out what is coming.

Riboku has not had a proper victory yet. Will he continue this losing streak?

Kingdom Season 4 release date will also be announced soon and we can’t wait for the anime to return.

Kingdom Chapter 701 Release Date

We expect the Kingdom 701 raw scans to be released on November 21, 2021. It will be released in the next release of Weekly Young Jump. These raws will be extracted and leaked online.

What comes next are the fan translations. First in Korean, then in French, and then in English. However, due to certain issues, the English variant is very late. We expect them to be out around November 30, 2021.

With the lack of an official English translation, fans are somewhat forced to resort to these raw scans.

They have no option to read the legal version because most of them don’t read Japanese, A situational hazard and at this point, it is too late to release the English.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Chapter 90 will also be out this week and you should totally read it.

Kingdom Manga 701 Discussion:

With Kanki finishing his near-impossible job, we are now curious about what Ousen will do. Defeating Kochou was just a part of the plan. Surely that was not the entire mission.

So what will be the new orders? Kingdom Chapter 701 will reveal what the Qin armies plan to do next.

What do Shin and Sei discuss?

Both Shin and Sei have grown up to be men of honor. Their personalities are similar in many ways and that is why their relationship is so good. They complement each other – a King with integrity over a General with strong ideals.

Obviously, both of them heavily disagree with Kanki’s actions. And given the chance, they would love to dispose of the despicable genius.

Shin could barely control himself, which makes sense after his last meeting with Man Goku.

Sei somehow withstood all the slights on the battlefield and left Kanki unscathed but this won’t be the same next time. Sei understands that he can’t allow atrocities like this to exist if he ever plans to unite China. Kingdom manga 701 raw scans will show them going forward in their own ways.

What is going on with Kanki?

Maybe Kingdom 701 spoilers will tell us about the roots of Kanki as a man. His past as a bandit is not that well known and his original status is barely known to even his troops.

Maybe he really is from the cruel, ruthless Saki clan. Kanki the beheader is to be feared.

Going ahead, he will continue on with this invasion. Surely Ousen won’t let Kanki return so soon. Hence, we expect to see more battles from this general.

Through these battles, we hope to learn more about who he actually is. Because his mysterious nature makes him very untrustworthy.

Is Riboku returning?

The King of Zhao really is summoning Riboku back. We don’t have the official confirmations yet but the signals heavily point to that. Because, in the absence of the great Kochou, Riboku and Shibashou are the last two hopes of Zhao.

Shibashou probably won’t leave his station which means it is all on Riboku. Another battle with Qin, hoping to defend the capital and prevent the country from being absorbed.

Kingdom Chapter 701 raw scans will show us the start of a new phase in this battle.

Read Kingdom 701 Spoilers:

First, the official spoilers. They will be arriving within the next 5 or 6 days and we will post them in this section for you to enjoy. We ask you to remain patient and wait for us to post them in this section.

Remember, we will only post confirmed spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 701.

Spoiler Alert!

Going ahead, Kanki will capture some more areas. General Riboku will arrive and choose to fortify defenses. He will wait for his chance and as soon as Kanki leaves his post slightly unattended, Riboku takes the chance to deal a major blow on him!

Stay tuned with Recent Highlights while we wait for the Kingdom Manga 701 English Chapter 701 spoilers and also check our article on Where to watch Jujutsu Kaisen anime.