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Kingdom Chapter 688 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date

Fans are excited to see how Shin deals with his new foe in Kingdom Chapter 688. As you know, he must do it before the reinforcements arrive.

An opponent who is easily dealing with Shin? That also General Shin! How is this possible? Our protagonist has been fighting tooth and nail for years and is incredibly strong at combat. And now comes this weird man who is evading him.

The Battle of Eikyou is turning out to be a long one. Qin has been taking immense damage since the beginning and they have yet to make a major breakthrough.

Hara sensei is taking his sweet time to let things pan out. The progress is slow but steady.

At this point, General Kan ki is the point of most interest. Every reader is angsty about his whereabouts. What exactly is he planning? And due to Raido being impressed by Kan Ki’s plan, we are more eager. It must be something very substantial.

Kingdom Chapter 688

The second generation of the Six Great Generals has just been announced. Kan Ki was appointed to be one and immediately after that heavenly promotion, he has joined this battle.

Losing this battle would be a great shame to him and Qin. It will greatly defame the name of Qin and its Generals.

We believe Kingdom 688 chapter will give a significant portion of its time to Shin vs Gaku Haku. This arc still has a long way to go.

We believe the battle has a lot left to offer since we support Qin and its invasion. If Qin were to lose this, then the dream of taking over China will be set back several years!

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 16 is also set to air soon, and if you are an anime fan then you should for sure watch it.

Kingdom Chapter 688 Raw Scans

We get the raw version of the chapter by scanning out the pages of Weekly Young Jump. The Kingdom Manga 688 raw scans will be released on 2nd August 2021.

Kingdom fan translations are highly sought after since it has no official English release. This also means that there is no legal way to read the series in English.

Hence, the fans must turn to fan scans. Kingdom 688 English Chapter will be released around 31st August 2021. You have to google the chapter to read those scans.

Although if you know French, then you’re in luck because the French translations come earlier than the English ones.

Boruto Chapter 61 and One Punch Man Chapter 150 will also be published soon, so don’t miss it.

Kingdom Manga 688 Discussion:

Kyou Rei is one of the most skilled warriors in the Hi Shin Unit. And even she was surprised by the weird technique of Gaku Haku.

We believe both Kyou Kai and Kyou Rei have an important role in this arc and Kingdom 688 spoilers might show Kyou Rei return to the mountain top to assist her General.

Where is General Kan Ki?

As the forces of Ryuu Fu are slaughtering the troops of Raido, the forces of Ma Ron and Koku Ou face immense danger from enemy General Kou. Both of them decide to retreat and regroup.

On top of this, Koku Ou hears that General Kan Ki has already left a while ago.

That is all we know. Kan Ki has some sort of plan, and that he has left the area with his camp. His orders are unknown. His location is unknown. We do not know whether he has deserted himself or not, although that is less likely since he is a Great General now.

All we know is that General Kan Ki is an absolute genius and whatever he is planning must already be in action.

Kingdom Chapter 688 raw might reveal what he is doing but from the mood of Hara sensei, it seems like he wants to take this slow and give us a big surprise.

Will General Ou Sen make a move?

We believe that the chance of General Ou Sen joining this battle is little to none. He is a tactical mastermind, not some random hotheaded man who jumps into battle hoping to solve the situation.

He has immense vision and foresight and that is why he is a Great General. Additionally, the state of this battlefield is extremely unfavorable to Qin and Ou Sen does not join a losing battle.

Both Kan Ki and Ou Sen are Great Generals. The former has no business in joining the battle of his fellow General. And Ou Sen is the supreme commander. He can’t put his plans in jeopardy.

Kingdom Chapter 688 might show Ou Sen pondering about this situation though because Kan Ki army is in the worst possible scenario right now.

Can Shin win his fight?

We can not doubt Shin, can we? At least not his fighting potential! The man who took down Great General Hou Ken! However, no matter how strong you are, you can’t be effective when your attacks are not landing.

Unable to strike his opponent, Shin faces a strange dilemma.

Even Kyou Rei said that this man is strong. His speed and power come not from his weapon, but from his martial arts. It is the reason why he is being such an annoyance.

Despite being such a large man, he is surprisingly nimble and swings around his huge weapon with great power.

However, since Shin called Bihei at the end, he must have realized something. Kingdom 688 will show a very interesting fight between Shin, Gaku Haku, and Bi Hei! We are excited to see how this situation is handled!

Kingdom 688 Spoilers

The spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 688 are finally here. All these have been taken from the Korean spoilers, so there might be some errors.

  • Shin is not able to land any blows on Gakuhaku.
  • Everyone is confused as to why Shin can’t defeat him.
  • They thing that something is wrong with Shin’s movement.
  • Shin tries again but is unable to land any hit.
  • So Shin calls for Bihei.
  • Bihei is confused as to why Shin called for him.
  • Shin asks him to hold on to his glaive.
  • But Bihei gets confused as he must now hold general Ouki’s infamous heavy glaive.
  • Shin is now going to fight with his sword, the glaive is still too heavy for him.
  • Meanwhile, Akakin’s unit is fighting the Zhao soldiers who followed them.
  • Shin then once again resumes the battle, and this time even Gakuhaku says that switching to a sword was the right choice.
  • He is able to move freely thanks to the sword and starts landing hits.
  • Bihei says that Shin reached the general level on his swordship alone and doesn’t need the glaive.
  • No breaks have been announced for next week, but stay tuned.

Let us know what you think Shin will do in the upcoming Chapter in the comments down below. Also, read our article on Spy X Family Anime while you wait.


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