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Kingdom Chapter 687 Raw Scans, Manga Spoilers Release Date

A through torture to the end. Raido has to go through hell for the mistake he made. It is definitely not easy on the eyes, what happened to him. Quite realistically, General Kan Ki fails to save his man. Kingdom Chapter 687 will probably be where he learns of Raido’s end.

What will he do?

Torture is a common part of the war. Information is key and when you have an enemy commander, torturing them for retrieving information is very common.

This time we see General Kochou order the torture to punish Raido for his deeds. It is a sort of game that maximizes Raido’s pain.

However, in the end, he does ask for info on Kanki and that is interesting. Of course, Raido refuses to say anything. As for General Kochou, he is bound to think hard.

Yes, he is prepared but what exactly is Kan Ki’s play here!

Kingdom Chapter 687

All of us fans are eager to see what General Kan Ki is going to do. General Kochou lost an important part of his troops and immediately replaced that position with a younger, probably stronger one.

But Kan Ki doesn’t really have anyone as strong as Raido.

Kingdom 687 is bound to be an important chapter because we are bound to see Kan Ki. His plan here is essential.

This battle looks simply hopeless and Qin should not suffer so great a blow as the destruction of his army. So what exactly is going to take place in this dysfunctional army of bastards?

Kingdom Chapter 687 Raw Scans

The Olympics are coming are! As you know, the 2020 Olympics were set to be held in Tokyo, Japan. But due to Covid, they were postponed. Now, they are finally taking place.

Hence, Shueisha is taking a weeklong break to celebrate it. Coincidentally, they also took an Olympics break last year, despite the postponing!

The raw scans of Kingdom 687 manga will be released in the upcoming issue of Weekly Young Jump. After the break, the chapter releases on 26th July 2021.

The fans have to wait and read the English fan translations because the majority do not know Japanese. Fan translations are set to be released within 31st July 2021.

Kingdom has no official English release, so you will have to find the chapter on Google or Kingdom subreddit. However, if you want to support the series, please considering buying the volumes.

Boruto Chapter 60 and Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will also be releasing this week and a must-read for everyone.

Kingdom 687 Spoilers:

The spoilers for Chapter 687 are finally here after a long break. We are only sharing a bit here and you can read the full Kingdom spoilers from Reddit.

  • After Raido’s capture, remaining of his unit is on the verge of destruction.
  • Ryyufu chases after the remaining soldiers from the left wing.
  • He yells “Kill them, don’t let them escape”.
  • In Kouchou’s army, Raido is being tortured.
  • One of the general arrives and makes a report that they are chasing after the remaining soldiers.
  • General Ryuufu of Zhao slaughters the remaining troops of Raido. He is enraged beyond control.
  • Zhao General Kou has divided Kanki’s Generals Kokuou and Run Gyoku.
  • They both decide to retreat and regroup. Both of them are suffering due to deserters.
  • Kokuou realises that Kanki has lifted his headquarters and moved on somewhere without informing others. Raido is still being tortured.
  • This assures Kochou that Kanki probably has a plan and they should not loosen up.
  • He is also thinking about Ousen. General Kochou has faith in his right wing, where Shin is fighting.
  • He deduces that Ousen might make a move but it won’t be effective.
  • Plus, it would halt Ousen’s own objectives.
  • He asks his General to clean up the Kanki army.
  • He is not worried but he wonders what is Qin’s final move here.
  • Meanwhile, at the right wing, Shin is still fighting.
  • The Gyoko Hou unit is still injured and this battle must be won before the Zhao reinforcements arrive.
  • Shin is having trouble.
  • His opponent is using weird movements to render his useless.
  • In the end, Shin understands something and calls Bihei.

Kingdom Manga 687 Discussion:

While we are here thinking about Kan Ki’s predicament, our hero Shin is about to battle a General.

Kingdom 687 raw might just show us that battle and hopefully, Shin won’t have too much trouble winning the fight.

Initially, he should struggle with his opponent’s weird technique but he should adapt and improvise quick enough.

Why does General Kochou praise Raido?

General Kochou probably sees Raido as human trash and so does his army. Raido is an invader plus he ended a valuable Zhao leader. And yet, General Kochou says that Raido probably did the right thing on the spot.

If the roles were reversed, he would probably do the same. War is cruel, after all.

But this praise has no value. He was already dead set on torturing Raido to the end. His men did terrible things and after a while, Raido’s men were simply yearning for death.

Raido on the other hand was kept alive for far longer and he was punished relentlessly.

Kingdom manga 687 might give us a more in-depth look into Kochou and how close he is with his soldiers.

He treats the Left Commander like family and probably has a deep bond with the Zhao army. In this regard, the two armies of Kan Ki and Kochou are so different from each other.

Why doesn’t Raido sell out Kan Ki to save himself?

Betrayal is so common in the Kan Ki army. As Raido himself puts it, honor and loyalty do not run in that army.

They are driven by personal gain and every soldier there is a bastard capable of terrible things. So one would expect Raido to attempt to sell out his comrades.

But Raido did no such thing! Of course, no such thing was offered to him in the beginning, and he was simply tortured as a punishment.

But when it was only him and his life, Kochou offered to spare him in exchange for Kan Ki’s plan. Here, Raido realizes that even Kan Ki might have pushed him to spill the beans.

But Raido declines that idea since his General would do the same. It is somewhat weird of him to do so, but Raido’s thoughts are far from rational at a moment like that.

He just believes that he understands Kan Ki a little. Kingdom Chapter 687 will probably show us the deceased body of Raido.

He is a man that fell to Zhao. He did do his job well but got caught in the process. That was his mistake. Raido is someone who cannot be broken by torture.

He has seen the Saki clan and the terrible things they are capable of. Torture does not scare him. All he wanted was to meet his leader one last time.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Kingdom Chapter in the comments down below and also watch the upcoming Kingdom Season 3 Episode 14.


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