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HouseBroken Season 2: Release Date (Animated Sitcom)

The animated series “HouseBroken” tells about the life of animals that live with people. Poodle Honey has long been known for her addiction to psychotherapy sessions. When her owner leaves, the animals from the surrounding area gather at Honey’s house to discuss their problems. Everyone has something to share: from fear for fading beauty to unwillingness to put up with frequent licking of a partner…

“HouseBroken ss 2”: release date, announcement

Despite the fact that season 1 of the comedy animated series “HouseBroken” received low ratings and average reviews, the picture has a huge following. It is too early to talk about the continuation of sitcom, there were no official statements. However, viewers who have fallen in love with humor and the main characters are looking forward to new episodes. According to forecasts, they will be released no earlier than the beginning of 2022. We are waiting for official news.


Honey recently lost her friend and is now looking for someone to replace her place in psychotherapy. A small doggie Diablo catches her eye, it constantly shakes. He suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, says awkward things out loud and does not see how others treat him. And some pets openly despise him.

The first meeting at Honey’s house highlighted the main concerns of the participants. 15 years ago, the turtle man’s wife died, and now he wants to start a new relationship, but worries that too little time has passed. Meanwhile, a corgi named Elsa really wants to become a close friend to Honey, but the poodle frankly makes it clear that she is not interested in this.

The hamster suffers from the loss of her husband, whom she had to eat, since that is her nature. Also among the patients there is an aging cat who worries that a new and young lady will take her place. Previously, she was placed in a small container and did everything in order to be a favorite in the house. But with the appearance of a new tenant, she cannot get out of depression, and can only place herself in a basin.

Frame from the animated sitcom

Only Chief has no problems. He lives with Honey and delights in life in his body. The Chief is well-fed, does not disdain various dirty tricks, and sometimes even drives his beloved to frenzy. It seems fun for Chief to bark at bumblebees, then run away from them, he eats too much and all this affects the stomach. But the dog is not discouraged, because life is wonderful!

Honey herself dreams that the Chief will stop being so vile, stop constantly licking himself, tries to influence him in a kind way. But it’s all wasted. Chief is too happy with what is happening and does not want to change anything. One day Honey sees a coyote on the mountain. He is handsome, perfectly built and looks like the most beautiful dog in the world…

Main characters and voice actors

  • Chief – overweight St. Bernard; loves to chew on its owner’s socks; constantly licks himself and gets on Honey’s nerves; he is playful, loves black humor and does not attend psychotherapy sessions, because he does not see the point in this – Nat Faxon.
  • Honey – poodle; suffers after the loss of her friend; dreams of somehow changing Chief, but realizes that there is no way out; conducts psychotherapy sessions for animals that have problems with their owners or in their personal lives; dreams and often believes that they are prophetic, especially when she dreams of her beloved friend, flying in a car in the clouds – Lisa Kudrow.
  • Elsa – a corgi dog; wears a life jacket; dreams of helping everyone; imitates Honey and tries unsuccessfully to establish a close relationship with her; goes to sessions with the others – Clea DuVall.
  • Diablo – a cute little dog with a crooked jaw and fearful eyes; was the last to attend Honey’s sessions; talks about family problems; confused in time; often hides under the table when walking – Tony Hale.

Interesting Facts

  1. Lisa Kudrow, who voiced Honey, has devoted many years to TV, but in recent years has only appeared as a voice actress. Let’s remind that Lisa is known for the role of Phoebe and Ursula in the cult TV show “Friends”. On account of her dubbing in two parts of the animated series “The Boss Baby”, as well as in the film “Human Discoveries”. In 2021 she was invited to the TV project “Friends: The Reunion“.
  2. One of the creators of the picture was Gabrielle Allan, who has long been known for her participation in the films “Scrubs”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Divorce“, “What’s Your Number?”, “Jessie”, etc. Thanks to her efforts, a team was assembled , which numbered about 300 people – all of them worked on the creation of the animated series “HouseBroken”.
  3. Clea DuVall originally joined the project as a producer and helped Gabrielle Allan manage the business. However, the circumstances were such that Clea became the voice of Elsa. Recall that DuVall is a famous actress who decided to try herself as a director.
  4. The working title of the adult animated series is “Therapy Dog”. However, as is often the case with projects, it was decided to change it. As a result, the picture was released on screens with the final title “HouseBroken”.

HouseBroken Season 2: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
2×01Series 1not announced
2×02Series 2not announced
2×03Series 3not announced
2×04Series 4not announced
2×05Series 5not announced
2×06Series 6not announced
2×07Series 7not announced
2×08Series 8not announced



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