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First Teaser Out! Release Date & Latest Updates

Fans will be happy to hear the latest developments about Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime. Shueisha’s Jump Festa ’22 recently revealed a teaser trailer and a visual with details about this adaptation’s upcoming release. MAPPA Studio will be adapting the manga into an anime series. The manga recently attained great success with its unusual charm, interesting storyline, and beautiful action scenes. So fans have been very excited for more news about the show. Thus, here is everything you need to know about Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime. 

Yuji Kaku wrote and illustrated Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku manga. Shounen Jump+ published and serialized it from January 2018 to January 2021. It should be noted that the manga was published for free. The text ran for 13 volumes. And by April 2021, there were 3.6 million copies of the manga in circulation. In addition, Ohashi created a spin-off series Jigokuraku ~Saikyō no Nukenin Gaman no Gabimaru~. It was published in mere 21 chapters. Moreover, there will be a Stage Play based on the manga set for Fall 2022.

Hell's Paradise Jigokuraku Anime

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime: Teaser & New Visual

Jump Festa ’22 unveiled the teaser for the Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime. The video is 80 seconds long and starts with a shot of a boat filled with flowers on a river. The scene progresses to show a corpse in the midst of the flowers. After this, the video has frames of the main characters followed by monsters. These monsters are also somewhat human-looking. The teaser then settles into a few action scenes with Gabimaru. Lastly, the screen fades to black, with the title appearing in white.

A new visual was also released in the announcement. In the visual, viewers can see the eyes of Yamada Asaemon Sagiri, who is also holding a blade. Sagiri has long dark hair. The blade reflects the eyes of Gabimaru, who has white hair. The rest of the space in the visual is black. Fans are already excited to watch the story come alive on the screens.

Plot Details!

The story of Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime happens in Japan’s Edo period. Gabimaru The Hollow is an assassin. His aim is to leave his village with his wife and start a new life. One day, when Gabimaru is on an assassination mission, the Shogunate captures him. Thus, Gabimaru is sentenced to death. And although the executioner tries, she is unable to kill him. The executioner is Yamada Asaemon Sagiri. So, Sagiri believes that Gabimaru cannot die because of his love for his wife. But it turns out that he can’t be killed because of his supernatural body.

So, Sagiri gives him a chance to receive a pardon. The mission would be to find the elixir of life. This elixir is in Shinsenkyo. Shineskyo is a legendary realm, and they had discovered it very recently. Five teams have gone on this mission, but they have all failed. So now, the Shogunate is sending convicts who get freedom and complete pardon as a reward. The story follows the duo’s adventure in the lands to retrieve the elixir. Moreover, Sagiri is the only female executioner in her family.

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Hell's Paradise Jigokuraku Anime

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime: Staff Details

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime teaser revealed the staff for the production of the series. MAPPA will be producing the show. Fans are very excited about this because MAPPA has quite a reputation in the industry. MAPPA has previously produced shows like Jujutsu Kaisen and is also producing Chainsaw Man anime. The staff has some big names from the industry.

Kaori Makita will be the director. Kaori has previously worked on The Clouds Gather. And Twin Engine will be the planner. Moreover, Akira Kindaichi will be handling the series composition. Akira has previously worked on The Abandoned Sacred Beasts. Koji Hisaki will be looking after the character design. Koji’s best-known work is Kids on the Slope. Additionally, Yoshiaki Dew will be the music composer. Yoshiaki has previously worked on The Aquatope on White Sand.

Hell's Paradise Jigokuraku Anime

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku Anime: Release Date

There is no official announcement for the release date yet. Since a show’s production would take at least a year, fans speculate that the show will premiere in early 2023 or late 2022. There is also no information regarding the streaming platform release. So, keep an eye on this space for more details as they come.