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Finally Canceled? All The Latest Updates

It has been more than four years since the last episode of Classroom Of The Elite aired in September 2017. Ever since then, the demand for the second season is on the rise. With the most distinct time travel story and brilliant animation, this series has made quite a name for itself. But after so many years, why was the Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 never renewed? Why has there been a delay in the production decision? All questions are answered in the following subheads. So, here is everything you need to know about the return of the series.

Classroom Of The Elite is a light novel series created by artist Shogo Kinugasa. Shunsaku Tomose is the illustrator of the text. One year after the light novel came out, the manga also launched in 2016. Later on, Studio Lerche adapted this storyline into an anime series. The first episode came out in July 2017. Even with a successful run, the renewal of the series remains under question. Keep reading further to find out more about it.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2: Renewal Status

Unfortunately, even after four years of the initial release, there has been no news of the renewal of the series. The last that fans saw of the franchise was in September 2017, when the final episode aired. Since then, Studio Lerche and the staff have not come on any public platform to give away the renewal news. However, there has also not been any announcement in regards to the cancellation of the series.

Anime like Bleach have seen renewals ten years after the original run. Thus, four years is a considerably short period of time than this. Thus, it is likely that the series might get a renewal if there is enough stress from the side of the fans.

Production Details!

At the time of writing, there is no update from the side of the makers regarding the production of Season 2. Similar to the case of The Devil Is a Part-Timer, many times, studios shelve certain projects in light of weak performances and viewership. However, even if there is a slight demand in the project, Studios tend to take up a project for a new season. Thus, if the personal will of Studio Lerche is hindering the return, then a new studio might pitch the project for a new season.

In the history of Studio Lerche, the series has not brought back many projects after the first season. Assassination Classroom and Radiant are a few of the numbered projects that got a renewal after the pilot. So, it seems like the chances of bringing back Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 are quite low with the existing production company.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Surpassing the original light novel series, the anime draws its story from the manga. The source material has fourteen volumes in total. The 12-episode season ended up using only the first three volumes of the manga. Thus, the story has around nine more volumes to adapt for a sequel. In fact, if it depends solely on the source material, the franchise might end up getting more than four seasons. On top of this, the franchise also has source material spare for spin-off and movie projects.

Aside from the original manga series, the franchise also covers another spin-off by the name of Classroom of the Elite: Year 2. Both a light novel and a manga of the franchise exist. So, fans can expect a lot more from the banner than just one anime adaptation.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

Plot Details!

As mentioned earlier, Classroom of the Elite adapted the first three volumes of the manga. Thus, it is apparent that Season 2 will be following the fourth book. In the story so far, Kiyotaka ended up securing a good position at the Lord of the Flies-style test. But in the finale episode, Kiyotaka’s initial arc remains the same. Even with as many horrific instances, Kiyotaka still did not understand the true value of human life. He still considered humans to be mere creatures with no value attached to their life.

As the story picks up from the fourth book, the next arc of the storyline will deal with another inter-class mission. The students will be divided into groups on the basis of their zodiac signs. Then, these twelve groups will have to figure out who the VIP member in these groups is. As simple as the mission sounds, it involves a great deal of psychological analysis and chase.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

As usual, the season will involve a lot of violence and bloodshed. Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 will also deal with the growing tension in the relationship between Kiyotaka and his father. After hearing about his parent, the protagonist is more fixated on continuing his year in this strange school.

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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2: Release Date

As of the last update, there has been no confirmation on the return of the second season of Classroom Of The Elite. With the expected studio shift, the animation process would be taking longer than a year to finish the product. So, even if the renewal decision gets a green flag this winter slate, the season might come out in a year’s time. Hence, Classroom Of The Elite Season 2 might find a release window by the Spring of 2023 at the earliest. A renewal before this is highly unlikely.

In case there are more official updates from the side of the makers, we will be sure to update this space. Thus, keep an eye on this corner to get more updates.


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