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Final Space Season 4: Release Date (Cartoon)

In the center of the action is the loser Gary Goodspeed, who was imprisoned due to the destruction of several spaceships by a laser. Accidentally. After serving almost the entire allotted time, he meets a cute little alien, to whom he gives the name Mooncake. Gary adores his new friend, and he has no idea who he will soon turn into…

“Final Space ss 4”: release date, announcement

The Animated TV series “Final Space” is not going to close yet. This means that we will be able to see the continuation of the story of the main characters, tentatively, in the spring of 2022.


Mooncake also inflamed friendly love for his new comrade and now everywhere unquestioningly follows Gary. The villain Lord Commander dreams of getting a little alien, because he knows what secrets this good-natured creature conceals in himself. And only Gary does not suspect that his companion can easily destroy the entire Universe!

While Lord Commander announces the hunt for Mooncake, Avocato decides to direct his forces against the master, as he is holding his son, Little Cato, in captivity. By the middle of Season 1, Gary and Avocato proclaim themselves best friends, and Lord still dreams of opening a rift in the universe with the help of Mooncake.

Little Cato is in a maximum security prison and it is almost impossible to get him out of there. But Gary’s courage, Avocato’s fighting spirit, and Mooncake’s talents help Little Cato reunite with his father. Quinn Ergon becomes another companion of the unpretentious team. The girl is very distrustful and takes any love attempts from Gary harshly.

Frame from the animated TV series

At the end of season 1, the fateful fight with Lord turns into the death of almost all crew members, but at the beginning of season 2, Gary is found drifting in space. Mooncake, Little Cato, and a few other people from their team arrive shortly. Mooncake has gotten older and now his requests have changed a bit. For example, sometimes he suffers from a lack of attention.

At the end of season 2, Gary and his friends were looking for the titan Bolo, who was assisted by Quinn. For many years Bolo had to sit in a unique prison that separates him from the rest of the world. At the same time, he was able to get out of it, and soon even do what he loved. The third season pleased with the changed surroundings and new travels for the main characters. And the new season will tell more about Mooncake, other worlds and new villains. Gary’s team is not discouraged, because there are many interesting things ahead of them!

Main characters

  • Gary Goodspeed – stupid guy who accidentally blew up several serious space planes with crews on board; he spent 5 years in prison, 7 days before his release, he escaped with Mooncake; in love with Quinn, but she does not reciprocate, because she considers him a slobber – Olan Rogers.
  • Mooncake – a cute little alien that Goodspeed loves so much; actually possesses a colossal force capable of destroying the Universe; sometimes suffers from a lack of attention, which he so wants to receive from the friend; travels everywhere with Gary and is often useful to him – Olan Rogers.
  • Avocato – Lord’s minion; when he got to know Gary better, he decided to leave his former boss and go with Goodspeed to rescue Little Cato, his son, from prison, where he was exiled at the behest of the Lord; dies at the end of season 2, while having time to see his son – Coty Galloway.
  • Quinn Ergon – throws all her strength into the study of the rift, so when her superiors ceased to suit her, she decided to continue the work on her own; distrustful, prefers to die than to depend on someone; her counterpart Nightfall from another dimension behaves more friendly towards Gary – Tika Sumpter.

Interesting Facts

  1. Jake Sidwell became the composer of the project and created several tracks. Before being invited to work on the animated series, he found out that Lyme disease was slowly killing him, and then he agreed to write music for “Final Space”. For him, this is the first large-scale project that helps to earn money not only for a living, but also for expensive treatment.
  2. In 2010, the animated series was already ready to air, but things did not go as planned by creators Olan Rogers and Dan Brown. When planning their project for viewing on the Internet, they realized that they did not have enough finance for this. In 2013, Rogers raised enough money to launch a pilot episode, but failed again. In 2016, Olan dared to release a pilot episode of the animated series “Final Space” on his channel. Then the famous TV presenter Conan O’Brien helped to promote the project to such a scale that the animated series was broadcast on several channels at once: TBS, Comedy Central, Fox, FX, Youtube and Fullscreen.

Final Space Season 4: release date

NumberSeries titleRelease date
4×01Series 1May 2022
4×02Series 2May 2022
4×03Series 3May 2022
4×04Series 4May 2022
4×05Series 5May 2022
4×06Series 6May 2022
4×07Series 7May 2022
4×08Series 8May 2022
4×09Series 9May 2022
4×10Series 10May 2022

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