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Eleceed Chapter 169 English Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

Since becoming Kayden’s disciple, Jiwoo has always been in danger one way or another. In Eleceed Chapter 169, Amyeong makes an appearance trying to save Jiwoo.

The world academy has gone too far by going after the students and not in a good way. Since they were not able to persuade the four students to join, the world academy has sent assassins behind them.

The first one on their target is Jiwoo out of all people. The assassin sent after Jiwoo seems familiar, like the female instructor that came from the world academy.

We all expected a fight to break out soon since the last few chapters have been peaceful and finally, we have something to look forward to in the upcoming Eleceed 169 English Chapter.

Eleceed Chapter 169

Amyeong stops the assassin from making his/her move and saved Jiwoo’s life for good. To those who don’t know who Amyeong is, you might recognize him as Dark from chapter 125 of the manhwa.

We expect an Eleceed anime to be announced soon, Kayden’s looks and strength will surely rock the anime industry worldwide.

Eleceed Chapter 169 Release Date

It seems that last week we got two chapters on the same day.

The scanlation teams are doing their best to translate all of the Korean scans as fast as possible so that we can read more chapters every week. But we expect one chapter per week schedule to continue for now.

Analyzing the last few chapters, we expect Eleceed 169 raw scans to be released this Tuesday on November 23, 2021.

JHS Studio and Naver are the original publishers of the series and you can easily find the scans on their respective websites.

The English Chapter will be out a few days after the scans get released. You will have to google online to find the fan translation of Eleceed Chapter 169.

All the English Chapters officially get published on the Webtoon Line app. But the official release is a few dozen chapters behind, so feel free to Google.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 232 will also be published the same day as English Eleceed Chapter, so do give it a read.

Eleceed Manhwa 169 Discussion

Since there are still a few days to go before the English Chapter gets released, let’s take a look at some of the fan predictions and forum theories.

Do share your theories in the comments down below and your views on Amyeong protecting Jiwoo from the assassin.

Amyeong’s Motive

Amyeong was first introduced as Dark in chapter 125 of the manga. He was very pissed after finding out that a fragile boy like Jiwoo is Kayden’s disciple.

Kayden made sure that Dark understood what it meant to mess with Jiwoo and that is why we are sure that he has learned his lesson.

When the assassin came for Jiwoo in the last chapter, Amyeong was the one to intercept him. But why did he save him?

Amyeong made his entrance as a hero this time instead of a villain like the last time. Since he is also an assassin, he might have gotten the information about this hit from his sources.

Amyeong aka Dark coming to save Jiwoo was surely the highlight of the last chapter and we look forward to things that might happen in the upcoming Eleceed Chapter 169.

How Will Kayden React?

The last time Jiwoo got attacked, Kayden was pissed beyond measure. If the news of this assassination reaches the ears of Kayden, the world academy is sure to get in trouble.

Kayden threatening the world academy will surely be a great arc. The top awakeners from the whole world will soon be making their way to Korea and the things are going to get super exciting.

Amyeong has surely returned for Kayden and maybe it’s to ask for some help. Is Dark in some kind of trouble?

Once Kayden hears that Amyeong saved his disciple Jiwoo, he is sure to help him.

Eleceed 169 English Chapter Spoilers

The spoilers are not here since the raw scans are still not out for fans to read.

We will update this article once the scans have been translated and the fan English translations are out for fans to read. While you wait, do read our article on Tokyo Revengers Season 2.


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