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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Spoilers: The Dragon Is Summoned

In the last chapter, we have a closer look at the Heeters and their involvement from 40 years ago. We also get a look at Bardock and his life, something which we wanted for a long time. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will tell us how this arc will progress.

It is clear that the Dragon Balls are going to be crucial plot points in this arc. What exactly will the Heeters wish for? This suddenly brings us memories of the past.

Remember what the first wish we saw was? Oolong asked for the world’s softest panties. Classic Dragon ball.

Granolah will probably make a decision in the next chapter and we are excited to see what it turns out to be. He just found out that his whole life has been based on a lie and the current information is way too much to take.

We are excited for Dragon Ball Super 78 because, in this chapter, Granolah will probably decide whether he wants to chase or forgo his revenge.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

If he does give up on it, what will his new mission be? To eliminate the Heeters? We have to read the next DBS chapter to find out.

There are also chances of a Dragon Ball Super Season 2 getting announced soon and we can’t wait for it starts airing.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 Release Date:

We expect the Dragon Ball Super 78 raw scans to be released within November 16, 2021. These will be found in the November, 2021 issue of V-Jump magazine.

Once the raws are leaked, usually fan translations come out for many series. However, we do not usually find these illegal translations for this particular manga. It is actually a good thing.

The official English translations of Dragon Ball Super chapter 78 will be released on November 20, 2021.

You have to go to Mangaplus website, or Viz website, or the Shonen Jump app to access the chapters. Remember to read via these three sources only as they are both free and legal.

Boruto Chapter 64 will also be published the same day as DBS Chapter 78, so don’t forget to check it out online.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 78 Discussion:

Based on the spoilers and the current progression of the narrative, a clash between Goku and company and the Heeters is bound to happen.

Gas will be the key fighter for the Heeters group and we believe, DBS 78 will make him very strong.

Why did the Saiyans attack the planet?

A trip down memory lane will remind us. Saiyans were always looking for a battle. They conquered planets and used their ape forms to lay havoc.

Working under Freeza, they cleared up entire planets and civilizations. Doing just that, a group of Saiyans come and take over Granolah’s home.

Dragon Ball Super 78 spoilers whether the Heeters had anything to do with Freeza’s order.

Why did Bardock save the Cerealians?

Bardock came face to face with a kid Granolah and his mother. She was desperately protecting her child. This reminded Bardock of his own wife and child.

He had missed the birth of his son Kakarrot and his wife was mad at him for that. She dearly loved that little kid.

Unable to kill a mother and her child, Bardock decided to protect them instead and that decision led to a whole new set of events that orchestrated what is happening in the present day.

Granolah was saved by Bardock. In Dragon Ball Super chapter 78 raw scans, he will choose whether he wants to befriend or kill Bardock’s child.

What happened between Gas and the Saiyans?

Gas seems like a strong warrior and he probably fought against Bardock 40 years ago. We did not see the fight but the Heeter probably lost that battle.

That is why he seeks to fight Saiyans again and he is confident in his abilities this time.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 78 spoilers might show Gas getting a further power boost from the Dragon. If that happens, he will openly challenge Vegeta and Goku to a battle.

However, if Granolah decides to let the Saiyans go, he will turn his vengeance towards the Heeters and that can turn into another complex battle.

Read Dragon Ball Super 78 Spoilers:

We have found the spoilers for DBS Manga 78. Read them at your own risk:

  • Goku, Vegeta and Granolah are all tired from their near death battle.
  • Granolah is angry at Monaito for deceiving him this long. His life seems sort of pointless!
  • The Heeters have progressed quickly and managed to get the final Dragon Ball, hence making it possible for them to summon the dragon.
  • Maki probably had something to do with the finding as Elec is happy with her.
  • Goku and his group notices the gigantic dragon from afar.
  • Citizens of the planet also take notice of the Dragon in the sky.
  • Elec confronts the Dragon.

These are only the early spoilers and we will share more of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 spoilers very soon for everyone to read. So stay tuned and also read our article on Solo Leveling Anime.


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