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Dr. Stone Chapter 221 Release Date!!! in USA, UK…

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Dr. Stone Chapter 221 Release Date  

Dr. Stone Chapter 221 Release Date will be on Sunday, 05 December, 2021. The title of the chapter has not yet been leaked. You can read Dr. Stone in the website below. You can tell us in, the comment section below if you are excited for the next Episode and some Dr. Stone Chapter 221 predictions and theories.

Where to Read Dr. Stone Chapter 221?

Viz Media and Mangaplus have free access to all chapters of Dr. Stone Chapter 221 Manga. We strongly condemn the use on an unofficial website of the streaming anime or reading manga. Every week there is a new chapter.

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Senkuu has set himself the goal of resurrecting two million years of human achievement and resurrecting all those who have been turned into statues. Tsukasa Shishiou, who believes that only the fittest of the petrified should be revived, stands in his way.

Senkuu and his allies in Ishigami Village finish preparing for their attack on the Tsukasa Empire as the snow melts and spring approaches. The Kingdom of Science is ready to launch its newest scheme to recruit a sizable number of Tsukasa’s army to their side, now that they have a reinvented cell phone model at their disposal. It is, however, a race against time; for every day the Kingdom of Science spends perfecting their inventions, the empire grows in size.

Senkuu and the Kingdom of Science, reuniting with old friends and gaining new allies, must defeat Tsukasa’s forces in order to achieve their goal of restoring humanity and all its creations. The Stone Wars have begun, with both sides vying for their ideal world!


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