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Boruto Chapter 63 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

Kawaki has once again proved how good he is in the latest chapter and Fans are excited to see his battle with Code in Boruto Chapter 63.

In every chapter, we see Boruto and Kawaki pushed more and more towards being Ohtsutsuki vessels. And yet, both the boys repeatedly demonstrate how humane they are.

The more time we spend with Kawaki, the harder it becomes to imagine the ending. We know where all of this will lead to. Boruto and Kawaki will have a battle and Kawaki looks like the antagonist.

Question is, what could have possibly happened? What led this young boy to become like that?

On the topic of Ohtsutsukis, we are unaware of Boruto’s condition. We know that he is gradually changing for the worse.

Amado’s pills might have slowed the effect but it is still inevitable for Boruto to prevent being Ohtsutsuki. When will the solution turn up for this?

As you know, Masashi Kishimoto has taken over the story of Boruto from Ukyo Kodachi. However, we haven’t really felt a lot of change in the style.

Boruto Chapter 63

Boruto is flowing as smooth as ever and he hopes the manga keeps up this quality.

Currently, Boruto manga is being illustrated by Mikio Ikemoto. Shueisha’s V Jump magazine is where the chapters are published every month.

A new volume came out this month and it had decent sales. Did you get a copy for yourself? Buying volumes is great support for the creators.

Boruto 63 English Chapter will be a crucial chapter. In a surprising turn of events, Kawaki finds himself face to face with Code.

The former is severely lacking in power while the latter is currently the strongest he has ever been in his life. It will be very exciting to see how Kawaki manages to deal with the situation until help arrives.

Boruto Chapter 63 Raw Scan Release Date:

The Boruto manga is a monthly series. Unlike many series, it has two primary versions. The raw scan release and the official English release.

Boruto 63 raw scans will be coming out within October 15, 2021. This is the physical release of the chapter. The pages of V Jump will be scanned to obtain the raws and parts of it will be leaked online.

The series does not have fan translations. International fans usually do not read raws. They wait for the translations. Unfortunately, any unofficial translation is always illegal.

Within October 20, 2021, the official English translations of Boruto Chapter 63 will be made.

They will be released legally and for free. You can read them online via the Viz Media site, Mangaplus site, or the Shonen Jump Plus app. We highly encourage this method.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Chapter 89 will be published around the same as the upcoming Boruto manga.

Boruto Manga 63 Predictions

We are still very curious about the hidden powers of Eida and her brother. The siblings have great abilities already but they have an ace up their sleeve.

Maybe Boruto chapter 63 spoilers will give us a hint of what that ability is. We believe it might be the gamechanger for this arc.

Why did Boruto tell on Kawaki?

Kawaki wanted to do this alone. He alone wanted to venture out and make a bargain for his life. However, by this time, Boruto knows his friend a bit and he realized that Kawaki is being stupid.

Thus, our young hero decided that consulting Naruto is the best course of action.

And Boruto was right. If he hadn’t made Naruto aware of the situation, Kawaki would be in a real pinch. But now, he just has to hold on for a while before more help from the village arrives.

Boruto 63 scans will show whether Kawaki and Boruto combined can manage to do anything against Code.

Why did Kawaki flee Konoha?

Kawaki was an orphan with no one and nothing. But Naruto took him in. Konoha accepted him. Kawaki finally got the warmth that he deserved, he had a family.

But now, he has run off again. Despite all his love for Naruto, he chose to endanger himself.

It is true that Kawaki did a foolish thing by escaping. But his motives were always pure. The boy has realized that Konoha is taking far too much of a risk for him.

He does not want to be a burden. And hence, he came to find Code. Kawaki wants to trade his life out for Konoha’s safety.

Boruto Chapter 63 raw will show everyone that Code’s plans are far grander. He is not limited to punishing Kawaki, Boruto, and Konoha. Code plans to eliminate everyone!

What will Code do?

Having inherited the Will of Isshiki, Code will follow the procedure of the Ohtsutsukis. He will cultivate a Divine Tree, to which he will feed either Boruto or Kawaki.

The tree will suck out all the chakra on earth and when that happens, it will be planetary genocide.

Killing Isshiki’s murderers is a part of Code’s plan, it is not the ultimate objective. Boruto Chapter 63 will show the shinobi of Konoha face a harsh reality and the realization that Code must be stopped as soon as possible!

Read Boruto 63 Spoilers:

Kawaki is being beaten down ruthlessly. However, Boruto comes to the rescue. Both potential suitors of Eida will be fighting against Code in Boruto Manga 63.

The early leaked spoilers are finally here. Here are the spoilers:

The title of the upcoming Boruto Ch 63 is “There’s no use arguing”. 90 percent of the article covers the fight between Boruto and Kawaki.

Boruto catches up to Kawaki and see Code present there. He tries to save kawaki and launches a normal Rasengan at code.

Code and Aida are confused as to how Boruto found Kawaki, since Kawaki had erased his chakra. Maybe because of karma?

Kawaki is ready to sacrifice himself to save Naruto and thus wants Code to take him away. Boruto doesn’t want this to happen so starts buying time for Naruto and others to arrive.

Kawaki knows that Code must not be acting on his own and must be taking orders from someone else, thus he will negotiate with the one controlling Code.

Aida is very excited and blushing by the fact that Kawaki wants to go to her willingly. She even starts sweating because of her heart throbbing.

Kawaki is being difficult to talk to and thus Boruto punches him in the face. Boruto says that no one will lay a hand on Kawaki and he will protect him.

Code worships Ohtsutsuki and is conflicted to sacrifice Boruto to the ten tails. He wants to check if Boruto is a worthy sacrifice or not and what types of power does Momoshiki have.

Boruto tries multiple jutsus against Code but all of them fail. We see Boruto unleash his Karma, it’s not similar to his previous Borushiki transformations.

Boruto doesn’t have a horn this time and has square facial marks and the ring karma pattern on his hand.

This is where the early Boruto spoilers end for now and we ask you all to read the official English chapter when out.

Stay tuned with Recent Highlights for more of the Boruto manga spoilers. Till then, check our article on Eleceed Anime.