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Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 332 Raw Scan, Manga Spoilers

The strength of Hero Star and Stripe is truly immense. The scene where she impales Shigaraki is truly majestic. Her ability is highly fearsome and we are hyped to see how she utilizes her new artillery in My Hero Academia Chapter 332.

Unfortunately for her, she is facing the greatest villain in Japan.

A major part of this chapter is dedicated to explaining the power of the American Beast. It is a complex power that is kept secret by its owners. However, All for One is not stupid. He has the most experience with quirks.

So, he starts to figure out how this ability works!

It is important that Star and Stripe do not lose their quirk. At this point, this weird amalgamation of Shigaraki and All for One is extremely strong.

If this being gets its hands on this super-strong quirk, the heroes won’t manage to defeat him anymore.

My Hero Academia Chapter 332

Boku no Hero Academia 332 spoilers will probably be the climax of this incredible battle between two gigantic forces.

Shigaraki will further test his abilities while Star and Stripe will use her new forces to put an end to him. Who will come out on top?

Boku no My Hero Academia 332 Raw Scans

No break for now. For the next few weeks, the My Hero Academia will be releasing a chapter every Sunday.

The mha chapter 332 raw scans will be released on November 3, 2021, it’s the Japanese version. Soon, it will be extracted from next week’s Weekly Shonen Jump volume.

Most fans do not know Japanese. Hence, scanlators will attempt to translate these. The English fan scans will arrive within November 6, 2021. You have to google to find them.

The official English scans of Boku no My Hero Academia 332 will be published on the Shonen jump app, viz media website, and mangaplus website on November 7, 2021, the same day as One Piece 1031.

We recommend reading from any of these because they are legal as well as cost us no money at all.

The latest volume, i.e, My Hero Academia Volume 32 got decent sales. While it was not a million, it was still close to that of Jujutsu Kaisen, which is quite impressive today. We hope that the sales only go higher.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 164 and Black Clover 312 will also be published this week, don’t forget to read them when out.

My Hero Academia 332 Spoilers:

The spoilers got released early this week and they are finally here for fans to read.

  • The title of the chapter is “State of art hypersonic intercontinental cruise”.
  • Hero Academia Chapter 332 spoilers start with the backstory of star.
  • She is in a training camp where other cadets are laughing at her for not able to increase her physical capacity.
  • Then we return back to current fight.
  • The missiles are coming, star says that she can touch the missile but she will have to give up on the lasers.
  • Shigaraki is quick to understand that laser is not the final attack.
  • He realizes that something else is coming after the laser attack.
  • Star counts down from three and then deactivates the laser.
  • She grabs the Missiles and orders “The tiamat will rotate”.
  • Shigaraki jumps towards the sky, but the missiles are chasing him.
  • The pilots are also shooting at him.
  • The missiles complete one full rotation and makes contact with the place where Shigaraki is.
  • The name of the attack is “State of art hypersonic intercontinental cruise”.
  • The explosion can be seen by Endeavor in Japan.
  • But Shigaraki still makes it back alive from a hole in the sea with most of his skin gone.
  • Shigaraki is now easily able to use decay now.
  • He jumps between the jets and gets close to Star and grabs her face.
  • Star is in danger, will she survive?

Update: The English chapter will be out in a few hours once the raw scans get translated. Visit again for the rough English translations.

We are keeping a sharp eye out on multiple forums and channels. As soon as the spoilers are leaked, we will get the bnha 332 spoilers to you. So rest easy and keep visiting our website for more and more similar content.

My Hero Academia Manga 332 Discussion:

Ackbar says that Star and Stripe are selfish. Is that a hero-like quality? Shouldn’t heroes be selfless instead? And if she really is selfish, how did she become the top hero of America?

Probably because she uses this quality for the betterment of others. She disregards rules but maybe her judgment is actually smart. We need to see more about Star and Stripe in My Hero Academia 332.

What is Star and Stripe’s power?

Thanks to All for One’s experience and intelligence, we have a rough but correct idea about this one.

The name of the quirk is New Order. It is a highly powerful quirk that allows the user to put two rules on anyone she has touched and uttered the name. But it is not limitless.

She can set conditions for anything but there are limits.

mha chapter 332

The freedom is vast when it comes to inanimate stuff and against biological entities, she is much more limited. When it comes to the former, only the hero’s perception of it matters.

But in the latter case, the hero’s idea, as well as the target’s self-perception, comes into play. We expect the upcoming Mha 322 to show more about this.

How did Star and Stripe attack?

The hero realized that her previous attack had failed. Probably hints that her opponent does not identify as Tomura! Thus, she turns to a bigger attack.

She recognizes the villain as an international threat. And hence, she plans to use everything she can, even if it is illegal.

She starts by solidifying the atmosphere around her creating a giant model of herself. She pulverizes the villain with it, realizing that her condition probably won’t work on him. She has to completely break him down.

The support planes launch their lasers at her and she grabs and unites them completely, hardening them into 1 single beam.

With this unified laser, she impales her opponent with Keraunos, a devastating attack. My Hero Academia Chapter 332 will show if Shigaraki can recover from this.

How will Shigaraki retaliate?

All for One is dying to get his hands on this incredible quirk. But he has to endure lit more before he gets to act. Star and Stripe are continuously attacking him. Keraunos is not enough.

The full might of Endeavor is equal to that and since Shigaraki had already lived after that battle, the hero realized that the attack was not enough.

My Hero Academia 332 English Chapter will give us Tiamat. That is the name of the next attack. In order to retaliate, our villain must live to endure this attack.

Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Missiles are heading in and those will assist the hero in fighting. Tomura must exert everything he has to get past this strike.

What are your expectations for the next bnha 322 English chapter? Do share your thoughts in the comments down below and don’t forget to read our article on Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 56.


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