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Boku no My Hero Academia 329 Chapter Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan

Fans are very interested to see America’s number 1 hero, Star, and Stripes. My Hero Academia 329 spoilers will be showing us more about these international heroes.

Finally, the international heroes are arriving. And leading the charge is someone, whose appearance seems like an All Might gender-bender!

My Hero Academia Season 6 will also be announced soon and it is something that all the fans are waiting for it.

It is finally time for Deku to rest well. We are getting these chapters that show us what is going on outside Deku’s boundary. This means when Deku takes his due rest and returns to the field, he will have a lot more info and some new heroes to work with.

Stain keeps proving that despite being a frenzied killer, despite being a person treading against law and order, the man named Chizome Akaguro is not insane.

He is just a fiercely dedicated individual who believes in employing radical methods in order to make a better society.

Since we are off Deku for a while, we might as well get a look at Dabi. Ever since the mini-arc about the Todoroki family reunion, Dabi has been completely off-screen. We have no info about him whatsoever.

My Hero Academia 329

We don’t even know if he has joined All for One and Shigaraki in their new uprising.

The month of September has been kind to My Hero Academia volume sales. It has nearly 600000 volume sales and ranks among the top 5 best-selling series of the month.

We hope that it can keep up the steady run! The more the sales, the better it is for the creators.

Mha Chapter 329 will probably show us which international heroes are dispatched. Many of them feel compelled to come because All Might needs help.

All Might is someone who commands immense respect overseas. We are excited to see the abilities and the personalities of the newcomers!

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Raw Scan Release Date

There are no breaks this week and the bnha chapter will be released as usual.

The My Hero Academia 329 raw scans will be released on 6th October 2021 in the upcoming issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

If you didn’t know already, raw scans are the versions made by the creator, hence they are in the Japanese language.

We will see the raws getting translated to various languages by scanlation teams. This makes it accessible to fans all over the world.

We can expect the English fan version to be out by 9th October 2021.

What fans should be reading are the official scans. The bnha 329 English Chapter will be released on 10 October 2021, on Mangaplus, Viz website, and the shonen jump app.

You should prioritize these sources over others since they are legal and they are free.

Black Clover 308 and Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 162 will also be out this week for fans to check out.

Boku no Hero Academia Manga 329 Discussion:

We are curious about all the data that Stain obtained from the security room. The guard gave his life to protect it, and with his dying breath, asked Stain to deliver it to someone good.

Maybe Hero Academia Chapter 329 will give us more details about it. What if happen if the wrong person gets their hands on it?

Why did Stain go to retrieve the information?

Stain realized that Tartarus has fallen and there is no changing that. So he decided to gather whatever info he could and escape the place. Here lies the difference.

Stain is not an agent of chaos like All for One. He is not exactly a villain. He is a criminal fighting for a better society.

Bnha 329 Spoilers

And if society ever improves, the role that Stain plays will be obsolete. So Stain chose to take the info and escape. And he rightfully gave it to All Might, someone with enough power and connections to use that info properly.

Maybe Hero Academia Chapter 329 spoilers will show what Stain is doing next.

How did All for One connect with Shigaraki?

This is a big mystery right now. All for One is occupying Shigaraki’s body, essentially making it into a puppet. So how did his main body connect to his consciousness present in Shigaraki?

They were way too far apart to communicate. We believe it might be with some sort of quirk.

My Hero Academia 329 raw scans will probably show the heroes investigating more into this.

All Might in particular is quite confused because he himself has a similar sort of communication but his own version is much inferior to what All for One is using. But this connection must be deciphered.

We believe that the real Shigaraki is struggling inside. If the heroes manage to sever this connection, the All for One within Shigaraki will be removed by the owner and Shigaraki will detach connection from his master.

If that happens, the heroes will have an easier time dealing with the villains. Mha 329 manga spoilers will show what happens next.

What will the international heroes do?

We are quite interested in seeing what these foreign heroes can do in an unfamiliar environment. The people are annoyed by heroes and their paranoia is growing.

How will they react to these new people? Will they accept them openly or will there be a backlash?

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 329 will also show us the meeting between All Might and Stars and Stripes. How will she react to seeing this weaker version of her master?

We just have to wait and see how it plays out.

My Hero Academia 329 Spoilers:

The spoilers are finally here for everyone to read!

  • The title of Mha Chapter 329is “The west comes in at the last second! An overpowered an incredible one is here”
  • Shigaraki is back!
  • Star and Stripe face Shigaraki.
  • She asks if Shigaraki knows the villian All For One.
  • Shigaraki says who knows? Who am i really?
  • The Hero academia chapter starts with All For One sitting on a throne surrounded by nomus.
  • All for one says that all his life he has been waiting for a chance and he feels it coming closer.
  • All Might had wiped all of the criminal organizations in Japan, but there are still many all over the world.
  • All for one has contact with all the villians around the world.
  • The only thing stopping these international villains are Star and Strip.
  • These two are known as the world’s strongest woman.
  • All for one wants to steal their quirk.
  • Then we see Hawks and Jeanist discuss about Star’s arrival.
  • They receive an unexpected call from Tsukauchi about Star’s arrival.
  • She reported that 50 kms away from where she was supposed to land, he showed up.
  • Who is this he? All for one?
  • The last panel of My Hero Academia Chapter 329 spoilers show Shigaraki standing on a flying nomu.
  • No break next week!

Only a few more hours to go before the English chapter gets released online. Make sure to read the official chapter on the Viz website when out.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through our library, we recommend checking our article on The Beginning After The End Chapter 123.


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