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Bojji Comes Back! Release Date & Plot Details

Ousama Ranking Episode 11 is lined up for a timely release this week. The previous episode kept bringing emotions from start to end. The episode opened with Bojji’s final reveal. The boy had transformed himself into the most powerful man in existence. As the hoots continued, Bojji faced three massive delinquents in a diner. As they beat them to the last of their breaths, Despa realized that he had created a monster. Now, fans are looking forward to an incredible father-son brawl.

The eleventh episode is going to bring back Bojji to his hometown. Of all the people that have been on his side, Bojji has found Kage to be the most trustable. Even Bebin turned out to be the traitor in the end. They are all keeping Bojji alive for a bigger plan. The next outing might also reveal what Bosse is planning ahead of Bojji’s arrival. Fans are already betting on who would win if a fight is to break out between the two.

Ousama Ranking Episode 11

Ousama Ranking Episode 11: Plot Details!

In the next episode of Ranking of Kings, Bojji and Kage are heading back to the Kingdom. After the heartfelt farewell between Bojji and Despa, the young boy is reluctant to bring back peace to his people. However, he does not know that even his closest associates are planning conspiracies against him. Also, Kage had revealed that he was threatened to keep Bojji safe for a reason. Bebin was not serving Bojji’s interests but of King Daida.

In Ousama Ranking Episode 11, Bojji will decide not to trust anyone in the Kingdom. Bebin’s betrayal has opened many possibilities of back-stabbings in the future. Towards the end of the previous outing, Kage had lectured Bojji about gathering the courage to face his own family. As he gets back home, it will be interesting to see what Bosse decides to do next.

Ousama Ranking Episode 11

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 10th episode of Ranking of Kings showcased the most awaited reveal of the series. Daida and Bosse’s son had been away from the screens for two weeks. Thus, when the two finally see him through the mirror dimension, they see the strongest warrior of the Kingdom slashing a sword through a rock. This reveal is followed by a dinner at an inn. Bojji saw that a man was troubling the staff of the inn. Thus, he decided to help the poor man.

After an incredible fight sequence, Bojji managed to beat all the three delinquents on his own. When Despa saw Bojji’s potential come out on the battlefield, he realized that he had developed the powers to kill any of his opponents. Later that night, Bojji learned the technique of mastering his senses from Master Bebin. Towards the end of the episode, Kage tells Bojji about Bebin’s true intentions.

Ousama Ranking Episode 11

Ousama Ranking Episode 11: Release Date

The eleventh episode of Ousama Ranking will continue to showcase Bosse’s increasing brutality. But Bojji is also rising as strong defiance against him. So, Ousama Ranking Episode 11 is scheduled to release this Thursday on December 23, 2021. Fans will find all episodes of the series only on Funimation. So, the episodes are available in English subtitles. Thus, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.