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Blue Lock Chapter 158 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

The Battle between the Blue Lock and the Germans has finally begun and we may get to see how it continues in the upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 158.

The training along with the German team, Bastard Munchen has just begun and our protagonist, Isagi has already seen someone challenging his position.

The first battle between both the teams was to determine their physical capabilities and endurance but Isagi came at last position after Kaiser stepped in between.

Kaiser is one of the New Generation Top 11 football players and is counted as good as Itoshi Sae. Sae already recognized Isagi and his talent after his match with him but now he is against someone who is craftier and competitive.

The German team had some very strong players and all of them managed to secure top positions in the first competition. Among the Blue Lock players, only Kunigami managed to secure one of the top positions but even he came at the 3rd position.

Blue Lock Chapter 158

The fight right now is between the players of the Blue Lock and the German team to see who will manage to secure the top 11 positions and became a regular in the team of Noel Noa.

We are still not aware of the situation in the other team but we will surely get to see who will make the top 11 from each team as the story progresses.

Kaiser is a very tough competition even for someone like Rin and Kunigami so it would be very interesting to see how Isagi will manage to overpower him and get back in the limelight again.

Blue Lock 158 Release Date

The latest chapter has intensified the battle between the Blue Lock and the German team. Noel Noa is acting as a coach and is not participating in any of these competitions.

Some other players of the Blue Lock also manage to stand in the top 10 positions which signifies that they are not very far away from reaching their goal.

The first to release will be the Blue Lock Chapter 158 raw scans, they will release around 10th January 2022.

There has been no news of any delays yet so we can expect the English chapter to release next week, there is also some news regarding Blue Lock Anime.

The upcoming Blue Lock 158 English Chapter is expected to release on 12th January. The upcoming chapter will release under the title, “Every Moment”.

One Piece 1037 and Tokyo Revengers Chapter 237 will also be out around the same day, do check them out.

Blue Lock Manga 158 Discussions:

The Second Phase of the Blue Lock has increased the competition exponentially and this time not only against the Japanese players but the Blue Lock is against the best in the world.

There have been many matches until now but seeing the best in the world with and against the Blue Lock players surely fills all of us with excitement.

Isagi Vs Michael Kaiser:

Kaiser not only proposed a battle against Isagi but also won against him in the first one. Isagi missing the strike made him stand in the last position at the first position.

On the other hand, Kaiser was already on the top beating all his companions and the players of the Blue Lock team.

Kaiser showed his resolve by telling that he is aiming to be the best in the world and Blue Lock is just a stepping stone for him. There were not many players who could say that but after witnessing Kaiser’s position and his reputation we can say that his talks are not all empty.

Isagi also accepted his challenge and he is now aiming to stand on the top position snatching it away from Kaiser but his way might be harder than he thinks.

He has a long way to go and in the meantime, he also has to keep an eye out for any hurdles that will be thrown in his way. Kaiser is on par with Itoshi Sae so we can be sure that will be a tough competition and although Isagi barely managed to win against Sae.

It would be very interesting to see how he does against Kaiser in the upcoming Blue Lock Chapter 158 spoilers.

The Master Striker’s Challenge:

Until now Ego was the one training the players of the Blue Lock but this time the one coaching the players will be the top talents from all over the world.

Isagi decided to join the German side to train under the best in the world, Noel Noa but he is now proving to be a tougher coach even tougher than Ego.

He didn’t consider the foul committed by Kaiser and only put the final score into consideration. He will be considering the talent of players based on the scores they manage to gather at the end of their training while Ego considered many other factors before choosing a player.

Things will be harder for the players of the Blue Lock players from now on so the time has come for them to show their resolve.

The top 11 players of each league will face the top 11 of the other league and the top 11 players who will manage to score the top positions will be selected for the Japan U-20 team for the World Cup.

Blue Lock Chapter 158 Spoiler:

We all are very excited about the upcoming Blue Lock 158. The upcoming chapter is still a week away but you don’t have to wait that long as we will be posting the spoilers as soon as possible.

We will update this article with Blue Lock raw scan and English spoilers once they get announced online. Feel free to read our article on Mushoku Tensei Season 3 while you wait.


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