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Black Clover Chapter 315 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

A new chapter is going to be released soon and the upcoming Black Clover Chapter 315 will probably show us the full manifestation of Lucifero.

Well, just as expected, things took a turn for the worse. After this setup, it would be pretty anti-climactic if Lucifero didn’t show up. After all, why would anyone want Morris to be the last villain, that too, defeated by side characters?

The arrival of Lucifero means Asta and Liebe will definitely get another big moment. While they have performed exceptionally well so far, the battle is not over yet for our protagonist.

How will Asta react when he finds out that Lucifero killed his mother? It also begs the question, has Liebe told Asta about his past?

This Black Clover chapter has been one of the better works of Tabata sensei. His detailing has been great and he successfully portrayed the chaos that was unleashed when the second gate was opened.

It is clear that the chapters ahead will have some great action and there are so many Clover knights united in one place.

Black Clover Chapter 315

Black Clover 315 spoilers will show if Lucifero, the supreme of devils, will manage to manifest completely in this body made by gathering up thousands or more lower-class devils.

What’s more, we will see whether the two captains have been rescued properly. The lines and cracks on their faces did not seem alright.

Black Clover Season 5 will return soon and fans can’t wait to watch the series continue again.

Black Clover Chapter 315 Raw Scans:

We expect Black Clover 315 raw scans to come out within November 24, 2021. These raws are scanned directly from the pages of the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue and often they are leaked by fans.

These leaks are then translated to release the fan versions. These may be cheaper in quality, but they’re faster. We expect these fan scans to come out in English, within 27 November 2021.

Visit the Viz website, or Mangaplus website, or the Shonen Jump app to read the official Black Clover 315 English Chapter on November 28, 2021, the same day as Mha Chapter 335.

The 3 mentioned sources here are legal and the latest 3 chapters are always free to read!

One Piece Chapter 1033 will also be out this week and the spoilers will be shared on the Recent Highlights website.

Black Clover Manga 315 Discussion:

So Lucifero is one of the supreme devils and he seems extremely interested in invading the human realm. What about the other supreme devils?

Will they make an appearance too? And if they do, can the knights handle it? Nearly everyone has fought a lot and they are bound to be exhausted.

Black Clover 315 spoilers will reveal what Tabata sensei plans to do going ahead.

What is Mereoleona doing?

This part is slightly off to us. We saw that just now, Mereoleona managed to defeat the demon. It wasn’t especially hard for her but she did have to exert a lot of her power and it took a long time. Now, remember that this demon had a friend.

Asta defeated that other demon, traveled to spade kingdom with others, defeated other foes, and now rescued Yami. All of this time went by while Mereoleona was stuck on one devil.

Doesn’t that make Asta far, far stronger than her?

Anyways, not that Mereoleona has managed to defeat her opponent, she will be aiding in the fight against Lucifero in Black Clover chapter 315.

We are excited to see what she does. Going by her reputation, she can be a leader and organize charges against the devil.

How did the second gate open?

Now that Yami and Vangeance are out of the woods, we thought that the advent of Qliphoth has stopped and that no more gates will open. However, Morris’ machinations led to that being moot.

Lucifero was able to take over and now the second gate has been opened.

Devils from this level came gushing out and the knights got ready to battle again. However, Lucifero had other plans. He merged all these devils together to create this monstrosity that will go on to become his vessel.

Black Clover Manga 315 raw scans will show whether he can completely arrive or not.

Has ultra giant black bull defeated the vessel?

While a pre-emptive strike on the vessel was a very smart move, we don’t this it will be very effective. In Chapter 315, it will probably shrug off the damage and arrive for real.

We say this because none of the main characters did anything to send it away. Obviously, a bunch of side characters won’t get the spotlight!

Black Clover 315 Spoilers:

We regret to inform you that it is still a bit too early in the week for spoilers. We only post the confirmed spoilers, and we expect those to arrive within November 26, 2021.

We are constantly searching the forums to find any leaks or spoilers.

Black Clover Chapter 315 spoilers will be shared right here in this section so we urge you to be a bit patient and wait for us to publish it on the Recent Highlights website.