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Black Clover Chapter 312 Raw Scan, Manga Spoiler Release Date

A chapter of hope or a chapter of despair? The latest occurrences have us confused about the current state of the battlefield. Although, it seems like despair is heavier than hope. Black Clover Chapter 312 will be a crucial chapter in determining where this arc is headed.

The Dark Triad has finally fallen. It took a huge amount of effort and time to accomplish this feat. But that does not mean it is over. The danger only grows. And our heroes have to work harder to overcome this.

It seems that at this point, it is imperative that Captains William and Yami are freed. The longer they are kept at feeding mana, the worse the situation grows.

Nacht was right, after the triad, freeing the captains becomes necessary. But can they do it in time?

Black Clover Chapter 312

Black Clover manga 312 spoilers will show the combined effort of the Clover Kingdom coming to free the captains. For now, the Black Bull members are leading the charge and we are pretty sure more members will join the fray soon.

Black Clover Episode 171 will soon be returning once enough source material is enough for season 5 to be animated.

Black Clover 312 Raw Scans

The raw scans of Black Clover chapter 312 are set to be released in the newest release of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. We know the date to be November 3, 2021.

That will be followed by the translations. The raws need to be translated as only a small percentage of fans can actually read Japanese. The English scans of the chapter are expected within November 6, 2021.

What we recommend you to read are the official English scans of the chapter. Black Clover 312 English official chapter will be released on viz media website, mangaplus website and shonen jump app. We know the date is November 7, 2021. Remember, all three sources we mentioned here are free.

We would like to remind you that in terms of sales, the Black Clover manga is not at a good point.

As a veteran series, it should have better numbers. The latest volume could not even manage 500 thousand copies. That might affect the series’ future negatively.

One Piece 1031 and My Hero Academia 332 will also be published this week on the Viz official website to read.

Black Clover Manga 312 Discussion:

Julius Novachrono is an incredible perceptive wizard. However, he is sitting one country away from the Dark Triad castle. And even with this distance, he was able to sense the sinister nature of Lucifero.

He realized that something very bad is near. That is why we believe Black Clover 312 and the next couple of chapters will be utterly scary.

Difference between Yuno and Zenon?

Well, before that, are they similar? To be honest, they are somewhat similar. Yuno is a natural genius who has strong beliefs. He walks the path of righteousness and he protects those under his hood.

Zenon too is someone who came into this path to protect those he cared about. It is his whole motive. To protect the weak and live a proper life. Yes, he has embraced the power of darkness but to him, there was no choice.

The elder brother guided him in the wrong direction and Zenon ended up with the strength he wanted. However, it has a cost. Zenon slowly lost his humanity. And that is where he diverted from his true path.

Maybe the difference was the fact that Zenon lost his buddy and did not have anyone keeping a check on his path. His brother certainly did not.

Black Clover chapter 312 will probably spare him no time but it would be nice to see him survive this ordeal and restart his journey.

What is Lucifero’s plan?

Even though the triad fell, the Advent of Qpliphoth still happens. But logically, it should have stopped. Ah, wishful thinking. It was never that easy. The key to it lies in Moris. This guy is similar to Dante, they serve the Devil Lucifero.

However, Dante was someone who borrowed and used the powers of Lucifero. He was a fighter. But Moris is a messenger. He only serves the will of the strongest of Devils, Lucifero. And he took it upon himself to continue the Tree of Qliphoth magic.

Thus, even with the Triad gone, the second gate will open soon, and Lucifero will descend.

The only way to prevent this is by removing Yami and Vangeance, the ones supplying the mana. Black Clover 312 raw scans will be showing us whether Moris can be defeated in time to stop the second gate from opening.

Black Clover Chapter 312 Spoilers:

The spoilers are finally out now.

  • The title of Chapter 312 is “At The Doors Of Hell”.
  • There are total of 15 pages.
  • Lotus is alive.
  • The chapter starts with all of the Black Bull marching towards Morris.
  • Black Bulls yell together “Return The Captain Of Black Bulls To Us”.
  • Most of the chapter is Black Bull members going against Morris.
  • We finally get to know about Grey’s magic nature.
  • Grey is revealed to have transmutation magic.
  • Morris uses the gravity magic.
  • We also get to see that Henry’s curse and hair are gone.
  • He is shown saying “Right now my curse can turn curse into power”.
  • No break next week!

As soon as we find spoilers, we will share them with you here. So please be patient and keep visiting Recent Highlights.

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