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Black Clover Chapter 305 Spoilers, Manga Raw Scan Release Date

Fans are so excited for Black Clover Chapter 305 because there is more to this war and we have to see it through to the end.

As the Supreme Devil gets defeated, our heroes cheer and celebrate this joyous occasion. And in the midst of everything, two new romances start to bloom. A romance in the middle of the battlefield.

Yami and Vangeance – the two captains are still far from safety. Every passing moment, their mana is getting sucked out slowly and they might be in mortal danger.

We hope that Nacht will take a team and go directly to save those two. Or better, he has already sent Zora and the others to scout out the situation.

We wonder how this arc is going to go down. Since two of the triad members have been defeated, does that mean defeating Zenon ends the arc? Or is there more to it?

Black Clover Chapter 305

In fact, we are quite curious to see Lucifero and his deal. He is clearly one of the biggest villains out there!

Does Asta know about his past? Has Liebe told him about Richita and how she died due to Lucifero? And if Asta comes to know about it, will it affect him somehow?

After all, he never had a true bond with his mother. How will Tabata sensei handle this? We are curious to know.

We are moving on to the latter stages of the Raid on Spade Kingdom arc. The upcoming Black Clover chapter will probably take us to Zenon and his battle against Yuno and Langris. Can the deuteragonist win or not?

Black Clover Episode 171 is also set to air soon, so don’t miss it when out.

Black Clover 305 Raw Scans

The series is having a steady run for now. It keeps appearing in the front section of Weekly Shonen Jump’s ToC. Hopefully, it will continue with a good flow.

The raw scans of Black Clover Chapter 305 will be out on 9th September 2021. You might find the raw scans if you google them. But they will be in Japanese.

Most fans of the series can’t read Japanese and need it to be translated. The fan translations will come out in English on 4th September 2021.

The official Black Clover 305 English Chapter will be out on September 12, 2021. You can read them both legally and for free if you visit one of these 3 sources: the Mangaplus website, Viz Website, and the Shonen Jump app.

One Piece 1025 and My Hero Academia 326 will also get published the same day on the Viz official website.

Black Clover Manga 305 Discussion:

Noelle punching Asta out of the boundary is hilarious to see. All her demeaning comments and looking down on Asta has disappeared. All she does now is blush and think of him and that is very sweet.

Will we see a bit of Asta Noelle romance in Black Clover Manga 305? Probably not! Asta is stupid and dense.

What is going on with Lolopechka?

Last time, we saw that Lolopechka is painfully near her death. Megicula was just about to end her life. But now, with Megicula gone, the curse on Lolopechka has disappeared and she seems healthy again.

The black marks from her body disappear and she is left naked on Asta’s lap.

This leads to some classic shonen humor involving and a hearty reconciliation with Noelle. Black Clover 305 raw scans will show us whether Lolopechka will continue on in this fight or whether she will decide to rest.

Because despite her lack of attack prowess, she is a fantastic support fighter!

How did Mimosa save the injured?

Gaja had used up all his life force on his last attack and now, he was about to die. Charlotte and Rill took a lot of damage owing to Megicula’s decaying world.

Unfortunately, all of them were so heavily injured that even Lolopechka’s healing magic couldn’t help them.

Black Clover 305 spoilers

However, Mimosa comes to the rescue. She might be next to useless when it comes to attacking but in healing, she has progressed a lot. From the elves, she developed ultimate plant magic.

Noelle knew she could do this and hence, she asked Nacht to bring Mimosa.

We believe, Mimosa will further use her magic in Black Clover Chapter 305 spoilers to heal the others. In fact, she is the one who might manage to heal the two captive captains when they get rescued.

Can Xenon be defeated?

Zenon has assumed his ultimate form – at 100 percent of his devil power, he seems to be handling his opponents very well. Both Langris and Yuno are exhausted and Xenon seems nearly unharmed.

However, there is hope. Yuno asks Langris to buy him 3 minutes.

We believe Black Clover 305 will be focused on these 3 minutes. Whether Langris can hold up or not, we can’t be sure. To be honest, we believe Langris will receive external help.

Yuno will get his time and then deal the final blow to Xenon. Will he manage to defeat the last member of the Dark Triad? We will find out.

Black Clover Chapter 305 Spoilers:

It is still too early in the week to be releasing spoilers. The latest release came out yesterday and we need to wait until the raws are leaked before the spoilers come out. Because the raw scans are the best sources of spoilers.

Black Clover 305 spoilers should be out within September 2, 2021. We ask you to be patient and visit our website.

We will lookout for the spoilers and post them in this section for you to read and enjoy, so stay tuned with Recent Highlights.