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Black Clover 314 Chapter Raw Scans, Manga Spoiler Release Date

A jovial reunion! We all wanted to see this. Captain Yami is such a core part of the series and without him, it felt unsafe. Well, his squad did not fail him. After the combined effort of everyone, Captain Yami has been freed. Black Clover 314 will probably have Captain William released.

The black marks on the Captain’s face worry us. Is that some kind of sign? It seems as if the captain is breaking or something! Maybe Black Clover 314 will address this.

The possibility of Captain Yami still being in potential danger makes the situation somewhat volatile.

The joy on the faces of all the Black Bulls is priceless. Every face conveys their immense love for others. This is a reunion well worth the wait. And the dramatic way in which it appeared, the way they beat Morris was delightful to watch.

They trained and overcame their shortcomings!

In October 2021, Black Clover came within the top 20 best-selling mangas, which is impressive. Also, the English version of Black Clover Volume 27 is out and we encourage all fans to get a copy of it.

Black Clover 314

Black Clover Chapter 314 will show us which direction this arc will head next. Things have been extremely chaotic and going forward, it either gets extremely dangerous, or we wrap up the arc with happiness and some jolly times are ahead.

We have to read ahead to find out which it will be.

The Black Clover Episode 171 will return soon in season 5 of the anime and fans are eagerly awaiting the return.

Black Clover 314 Raw Scans

There is no break this week!

We expect the upcoming Black Clover chapter 314 raw scans to be released on November 17, 2021, in the new issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. These are the sources of the raws.

The raws will be translated by scanlation teams and pretty soon, we will have the fan-translated English version. These will be released within November 20, 2021. You have to google for them but remember, they are illegal.

The official English scans of Black Clover 314 will be out on November 21, 2021. You can find them on the Shonen jump app, the websites of Viz media, and Mangaplus.

These are legal and free sources, which is why we recommend these instead of fan versions.

One Piece Chapter 1032 will also be released the same day as the BC English chapter, so don’t forget to check it out.

Black Clover Chapter 314 Spoilers:

We will be receiving spoilers of Black Clover 314 around November 19, 2021. You have to wait this long because we post confirmed spoilers, which are only available once the raw scans have been released.

Rest assured, we are doing our best to get the spoilers as quickly as possible. As soon as they are out, we will post them in this section.

Black Clover Manga 314 Discussion:

Will the Golden Dawn squad members jubilantly enter and rescue their captain? They owe their lives to William Vangeance, who sacrificed himself to save his squad.

Black Clover 314 raw scans will focus on the light portion of the two mana which was needed to bring in the Tree of Qliphoth.

What will happen to the Tree of Qliphoth magic?

Now that Morris has been dealt with, the Tree of Qliphoth magic should disperse. We see that Captain Yami has been rescued which means that one of the two sources that powered the vile magic is gone.

The second gate was close to the opening but now, it probably won’t open.

Unless there is some kind of twist. In the defeat of Morris, we are forgetting that there is one more variable. The eldest Zogratis sibling! The one in the wheelchair who corrupted Zenon, is still left.

Black Clover Manga 314 spoilers might be his entrance and he might do something unexpected.

Why was Yami reminiscing?

Locked up by the foes, Yami was lost in his thoughts. His mind drifted back to when he was much younger. Being a foreigner, he always had to endure unpleasantries from others. And his Dark Magic was not well received in many places.

Black Clover 314 scans will show if this Dark Magic still has some use left.

However, Yami was skilled and he had some great allies. Nacht and Morgen alongside Julius gave him hope. Yami wanted to be better and what he always searched for, was a place to call home.

Yami decided that he will create a home for misfits and rejects of the society. Hence, he went ahead and accepted all those, who did not find acceptance.

How did Yami find a place?

Yami wanted a place for himself but never got one. So, he decided to create one for others. The magic of the situation is that when he sheltered those misfits, they also loved him back.

Through this incredible mutual love between the Black Bulls, Yami found a home for himself.

Black Clover Chapter 314 spoilers are finally here and we get to know more about the demon Lucifero.

  • The title of the chapter is “Assembly”.
  • There are 15 pages in total throughout the chapter.
  • Black Clover spoilers start with Mereleone defeating the giant demon.
  • Then we see Morris knocked out but Lucifero is still able to speak.
  • Lucifero says “Thank you for your hard work human” and then we see the 2nd gate opening.
  • The second gate opened even faster because Lucifero squeezed the life out of Morris accelerating the whole process.
  • Lucifero says that he is able to interfere with the lower ranked devils even without the tree of Qlipoth.
  • Thus once the second gate opens and the devils come out, he can possess any of them.
  • In the last page of the chapter we see everyone from the Black Bulls attacking with a new spell called “Super Giant Bull”.
  • There is no break next week!

The Black Clover English Chapter will be here soon once the raw scans get translated. So stay tuned and also read our article on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 while you wait.


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